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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

This overlooked true-crime comedy is a binge worthy series.

Since the first season was released in August of 2021, Only Murders in the Building has not received the hype it deserves. When I saw that the show had a second season, I immediately binged the whole series. In the show, strangers turned friends, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, all work together to unravel mysterious murders happening in their New York City apartment building. The series embodies a tale of underdogs and amateurs coming together to create a true crime podcast that actually solves the crimes before law enforcement. 

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short make it hard to not love this mystery-packed series. When you watch the show, it almost feels like you’re viewing an episode of the board game Clue. The characters are depicted as people who feel poorly about themselves and have had failures in their careers. However, when a shocking murder happens in their building, they unite interests and simultaneously find new purposes. 

Only Murders in the Building is structured in a way where the viewer is continuously shocked and intrigued. The plot reminds me of China dolls; each step to unraveling the murder is just an easter egg filled with clues that build up over time. Plus, the nonchalant comedy that is embedded in the true crime theme, is captivating. The cast is mixed with boomers and Gen-Z, so the show caters to multiple audiences. Personally, I’m not a fan of anything that includes horror or gore, but Only Murders in the Building does a great job of avoiding it. Despite the name of the series, I find that the show is somewhat heart-warming. It’s the perfect balance between suspense and comedy. 

I loved the show, but I still can’t help questioning why it didn’t receive a bigger mass reaction. As an advertising major, I feel like it could have something to do with promotional efforts. The only reason I heard that a second season was added was through Selena Gomez’s Instagram. It is unfortunate because I feel like a lot of people would love the series, yet they’ve never heard about it.  

I not only recommend this series, but I also insist you watch it. Even if you don’t love true crime, the comedy and chemistry between the actors, who are childhood favorites for most people, is extremely entertaining. Only Murders in the Building is currently streaming on Hulu. Even though I haven’t personally heard anyone talk about it, has been renewed for a third season! If you want to watch a go-to series that isn’t a huge commitment and ironically leaves you feeling good, then I highly recommend you watch this show. 

Olivia is a Senior at Temple University. She is Majoring in advertising and pursuing a minor in public relations. She always loved writing from an early age. You can find her drinking coffee, going on hikes, or listening to Harry Styles.