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On My Block: Most Shocking Four Moments From Season 3

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With season 4 of On My Block on the way, let’s take a quick look at last season and some of its most surprising moments. 

On my Block, a show that has taken Netflix by storm for the past three seasons is finally coming to an end with its fourth and final season premiering on October 4. With that being said, before our beloved Netflix show ends its chapter, let’s review the top four best moments ranking from least surprising to most surprising. Stick around to the end to read my theories for what’s to come in season four!

spoilers ahead

1. Monse’s Mom Dies and the Reason Behind It  

Personally, I didn’t consider Monse’s mom that important of a character so her death was not as devastating to me as it may have been for other viewers, especially after finding out why she left Monse in the first place (hint: season two). Toward the end of the funeral episode, it was revealed that she had committed suicide and that the driving force behind her decision was the immense guilt she felt after abandoning Monse. Though the reasoning shocked me, I still felt like it was more of a filler than anything else.

2. Jasmine and Ruby Finally Get Together

Honestly, this was sort of a shock to me. Their relationship underwent a lot of character development since season two — a surprising turn of events considering Ruby once found her repulsive. Their relationship was such a weird twist, what with him liking her first this season, but I loved the irony of it all.

3. Monse Goes to the Boarding School

Part of the reason I was surprised about this was because it had been an ongoing decision since the first season and I wasn’t expecting it to actually happen. I also wasn’t expecting her to agree to it or for it to happen after all the group goes through, that season, with Caesar and the gang.

4. The Last 5 Minutes

Last but not least, the ending… All I can say is wow. I would have never expected the gang to split up but, looking back, I do think it was foreshadowed since Monse was always referred to as the “glue” of the group. Once she left, it felt almost inevitable everything would all fall apart.  But one thing I was happy to see was that Spooky’s character finally got what he wanted: a family.

My predictions:

Now that we have reviewed my top surprising moments of last season, here are my predictions for the upcoming season: 

  1. The gang is, for sure, going to get back together
  2. A beloved character will be murdered 
  3. Spooky, Caesar’s brother, might be a part of how the group comes back together 
  4. There will be a happy ending but it won’t be entirely happy; it’ll come with a cost

Overall, I’m excited to see what happens next! Those last five minutes had me over the edge and I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us, next. For now, let’s grab our snacks, prepare our gasps, and hope for a good ending on October 4th. Hope to see you there! 

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