Is this the next big thing for online shopping?

Everyone loves to online shop. With a quick click of a button, you can get whatever you want from the comfort of your home. Despite this, online shopping comes with a bit of trouble. Since you can’t try before you buy, it can be difficult to figure out what size to purchase. Measuring your body with a tape measure and comparing to the size chart is a hassle, and returning items that don’t fit is a major bummer. Online retailer ASOS is leading the way in making this process easier.

Buzz about ASOS’s website has gone viral on Twitter, showing that when shopping on the ASOS website, you can choose to view the clothing item on different many different models to see how it would fit on your body type or size.

What’s great about this feature is that it shows models with different sizes, body types and heights. This feature is not yet available on every single item of clothing on the ASOS website, but it is predicted to become more common as time goes on. Other retailers such as American Eagle and SKIMS by Kim Kardashian West have taken a note from ASOS and have begun to develop similar features on their online retailer.

Along with the model selection feature, ASOS has another feature to make shopping easier called “Fit Assistance.” This feature is a mini-survey that helps you determine what size you should purchase without the hassle of a tape measure and a size chart. Questions such as “What is your height and weight?” and “How would you like this item to fit?” allows the feature to determine what size would be best for you. This feature is a great way to eliminate any hassle from your shopping decisions and makes it easier to decide what size to buy. 

These great features from ASOS are predicted to be the next big thing in online shopping. To make online shopping more inclusive, as well as more convenient for the shopper is a great step in the right direction. The response to the ASOS model selector and fit assistance on social media has been very positive and many expressed that they hope to see this inclusivity and convenience on other online retailers as time goes on.