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Netflix’s “Cheer”: A Review

Ever wonder what the life of a competitive cheerleader is like? No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway, because Netflix’s new show “Cheer” has slowly taken over my life and brought me back to my cheerleading days. So, sit back and grab your pom poms because this is a whirlwind.

P.S.: Spoiler Alert!

“Cheer” is a docuseries depicting the lives of the Navarro College cheerleaders while they prepare for a national competition in Daytona. Led by head coach Monica Aldama, The Navarro Bulldogs are at the top of the competition cheerleading food chain with a total of 14 National Championship wins. With that many titles under their belt, one usually wonders just what it takes to be a Navarro cheerleader.

Well, it takes a lot.

The show does not sugarcoat just how complex competitive cheerleading actually is. Competitive cheerleading is difficult (thank God I only cheered in grade school). There is a lot that goes into a competition routine, and “Cheer” shows exactly that. In episode three, one of the top girls, Mackenzie “Sherbs” Sherburn, was dropped in the middle of a practice run for the Daytona choreography, which they had to change quickly due to the severity of her injury. Despite the show’s acclaim, many people are concerned with how hard the cheerleaders work in order to hit perfectly. And that concern shows during Sherbs’s injury and many more throughout the show.

However, this series also shows just how connected each member of the team really is with each other. Scene stealer Jerry Harris was one of the main team members that I really liked because of his genuinely bright nature and encouraging “mat talk.” Each member of the team had their own stories that so many people could relate to, and that’s why I think the series is as successful as it is. 

“Cheer” is an amazing series, and I can’t wait to find out more about the next competition season and where everyone will go after Navarro. Fingers crossed that we get to see the team at Daytona again!    


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