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My Uterus, My Problem

I have a joke for all of you ladies. What has two thumbs gray hair and cares more about my uterus than I do? Politicians.

 In these upcoming elections, even though there is not a single woman on the ballot, it is important to remember as women the role that we all play. We have become one the most argued, most talked about and most unwarrantedly discussed party platform on the presidential candidate’s campaigns. However, do we have a place there? Is this decision one that can ultimately be made by whoever is voted into presidency, or should the choice be up to us? In this election, by voting, are we condoning the behavior of the politicians to be able to choose our fates or should we simply pick a side? How is a woman supposed to conduct herself when both sides seem wrong?

Is it better not to vote?
As a large advocate of being politically involved, not participating in an election as a form of protest is
something that I would personally describe as foolish. Purely from a realistic sense this form of protest isn’t feasible. The clichéd phrase of strength in numbers comes to mind. The sad truth is that you have no numbers; if you were to sit out from an election no one would miss you. You are just one and one in a population of billions. As far as protesting the male superiority complex, refusing to vote is not the way to go. It is better to be politically active as opposed to inactive.

Who to vote for?
Ah, the age old pro life pro choice battle; to keep abortion legalized or to take the right away. This is a decision that each and every WOMAN should make individually. I can provide you with the sides of each presidential hopeful.

Mitt Romney– In previous interviews Mr. Romney has been less forthcoming than his electoral counterpart with his stance on abortion but judging by this 2008 quote, “On abortion, I was not always a Ronald Reagan conservative. Neither was Ronald Reagan, by the way. But like him, I learned with experience,” in combination with the history of his party I can safely say that Mr. Romney leans pro life if ever asked. Romney has been famous throughout his campaign for attempting to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood as well as being associated with counterparts throughout the Republican Party who are fanatics on the pro-life the subject.

Barack Obama– President Obama has been anything but timid on his stance on women’s abortion rights. There have been multiple instances throughout this campaign in which Barack Obama has gone after Mitt Romney for his opposing views on a woman’s right to choose. Most of his opposition is rooted in his two daughters as he has been known to state that he wants them to grow up in a world where the right to make their decisions are their own.

Ok I’ve picked my candidate but I still wish the decision wasn’t theirs.

It has been almost 40 years since the Roe v. Wade case was settled and talks of abortion came to the forefront of our countries issues. We have been through many turnovers in presidential power since then, and that ruling has never truly been in any real danger. Ultimately do the presidents have the ability to overturn such a powerful ruling? According to the constitution that is the duty of the supreme court.

But should it be their right to make the choice? At least there are some women there. Or should it be ours? In the offing I imagine a future where the talk of the women’s reproductive habits are left up to those who possess the reproductive organs, a council of women to make the decision, or a vote made by females and females alone. Or maybe, just maybe, we will one day hit an election where this issue is not discussed at all.

In 2012 that is not yet an option, so cast your vote and pick a candidate; pro-choice or pro-life. Just keep this, ladies. You are the only group that has the potential to change who has the right to talk about your uterus. What are you going to do about it?


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