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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Sunday scaries are real.  

Thinking about everything that needs to be done during the upcoming week can feel overwhelming, and having this nervous mindset doesn’t help the situation at all. To wind down and give myself time for work, I’ve created a Sunday reset routine that leaves me feeling productive and ready for the new week. Here are some steps for a successful start to the week. 

  1. Do schoolwork the first half of Sunday.  

The most ideal Sunday reset routine would leave the entire day to recharge and prepare for the week, but that’s not typically realistic. Instead, try to get started on assignments earlier in the day and leave the second half of the day to focus on yourself. Getting started on work can be a challenge, but it’s always worth it! Beginning an assignment is the hardest part for me, so a trick that works is telling myself that I’ll work on it for twenty minutes. This is twenty minutes of completely focusing on what I need to get done, and it’s not extremely long. Once I get started, continuing isn’t nearly as difficult. 

  1. Clean up your space. 

A clean and organized living area can increase productivity and decrease feelings of stress. It always feels better having a clean space to work and relax in, so take the time to put things back where they belong. Tidy up, change the bedsheets, wash the laundry, sweep the floor, etc. Every Sunday doesn’t need to be a deep clean, but put in an hour or two of household chores to spruce up your living area for a fresh start. 

  1. Plan and familiarize yourself with what’s to come. 

Looking ahead at the week, it’s useful to know what events and plans I need to manage my time around. I like to pull out my planner and make sure I know when I need to be somewhere outside of classes. If there’s some free time in my schedule, it’s fun to plan a lunch date or night out. Whether the week ahead is busy or slow, knowing what to expect is key to feeling prepared. 

  1. Self-care. 

Squeezing in a lengthy self-care routine every night of the week can be tough, so I try to do something extra on Sundays to slow down and indulge myself. A face mask, warm shower, dim lighting, cozy pajamas, ice cream, and a book are perfect for me to feel relaxed and happy. Having this routine to look forward to is motivation to do the harder tasks earlier in the day, and it’s the best feeling when I finally get to this part. 

  1. Get into bed early. 

I typically sleep late most days of the week, so sleeping significantly earlier on Sundays doesn’t work for me. However, I do find value in being in bed earlier than normal. My body relaxes and I have time to continue reading or to watch a show. These two activities never fail to put me to sleep, and a good night’s rest is vital for any day. 

No one’s Sunday reset routine is going to be identical, but I hope mine is a nice starting point or reference as you consider putting one together! It takes effort and practice to keep to a schedule and figure out what works best for you, but it is more than worth it. 

Diane is the Co-Events Coordinator of Her Campus Temple University, which entails planning fun events and socials for the team. At Temple University, Diane majors in Biology and minors in Public Health. Prior to becoming a chapter board member, Diane was a staff writer for the campus life and news section. Her professional background is largely in the field of STEM. She has worked as a receptionist/technician in an eye doctor’s office, and serves as an executive board member for Temple University’s Biology Society and Alpha Epsilon Delta Chapter. In her free time, Diane enjoys exploring the outdoors and going on hikes around her hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she's not studying, Diane can be found reading, volunteering, listening to crime podcasts, or catching up with friends.