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My Favorite Outdoor Activities on Campus and in the Area 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

It’s officially spring, which means it’s time to put on some sunglasses and spend time outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sunlight on my skin rejuvenates and relaxes me, serving as the perfect study break. Here are my favorite activities on campus and in the Philadelphia area to appreciate the lovely weather. 

Sunbathing on Campus 

Beury Beach by the Bell Tower has its name for a reason. It’s a stretch of grass ideal for lying down with your eyes closed to catch the sunlight. On the days when the sun is hiding, cloud watching and daydreaming is the next best thing. 

If I don’t have a blanket with me to lay out on the grass at Beury Beach, Mazur Hall Terrace is my go-to place. There are plenty of lounge chairs available for students to soak in the sun. If you need to get assignments done, there are tables too! 

Eating Outside 

A quick and easy way to spend time outside is sitting down for a meal. Whenever I get an acai bowl from Playa Bowls, I scout out a table along Liacouras Walk to enjoy my lunch. The rows of tables outside of Richie’s are also a good place to sit down and eat with friends.  

Visiting the Park 

Going to a park from campus requires some transportation, but it’s absolutely worth it. One of my favorite places is Pennypack Park, which takes about a thirty-minute car ride to get to. This park has a long trail I’ve walked for over an hour with ducks to feed along the way. There’s even an open area of grass to have a picnic or watch the dogs run around. 

FDR Park is a little closer to campus, an estimated twenty-minute car ride away. This park also provides a trail for walking, in addition to its scenic gazebo. 

Snuggling Baby Animals 

There’s nothing cuter than piglets and baby goats rushing to cuddle in your lap. Rose Bridge Farm Sanctuary takes in rescue animals, such as goats, pigs, and kittens. They allow visitors to feed and spend time with the baby animals, and there aren’t many rules except to give them as much love as possible! 

The farm is a forty-five-minute car ride from campus, so it’s a great day trip if you or a friend have a car. I visited over spring break, but I plan on going back during the summer because the animals were so much fun to be around. 


Of course, going into the city is always an exciting trip. There are countless restaurants and stores to stop at. It’s even fun to just walk around and take in the scenery and architecture of City Hall and older buildings.  

If you’re looking for an enjoyable outdoor activity, there are countless opportunities ranging from being right on campus to an hour away. These were just some of my favorite activities, and hopefully, they inspire you to get outside too! 

Diane is the Co-Events Coordinator of Her Campus Temple University, which entails planning fun events and socials for the team. At Temple University, Diane majors in Biology and minors in Public Health. Prior to becoming a chapter board member, Diane was a staff writer for the campus life and news section. Her professional background is largely in the field of STEM. She has worked as a receptionist/technician in an eye doctor’s office, and serves as an executive board member for Temple University’s Biology Society and Alpha Epsilon Delta Chapter. In her free time, Diane enjoys exploring the outdoors and going on hikes around her hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she's not studying, Diane can be found reading, volunteering, listening to crime podcasts, or catching up with friends.