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Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year when the trees change color and everything around us turns into a pretty palette. For those of us dreading the colder weather, you might not have much motivation to go outside and enjoy the changes. Even the idea of colder weather brings about the thought of baggy sweatshirts and shapeless coats. But you don’t have to kiss your cute style goodbye. This article will give you insight into ways you can look cute and be cozy this fall so that you can get outside and enjoy the season!


Bold Colors

When I think of fall, I immediately am reminded of the variety of colors that come with it. Although most of the pretty flowers are no longer in bloom, vibrant shades of reds, oranges, yellows and purples are everywhere. You don’t have to dress dull. This outfit is inspired by the colors all around.


To stand out even more, wear a monochrome outfit head-to-toe. It is not boring! It makes a statement. Check out my article Make a Style Statement here https://www.hercampus.com/school/temple/make-style-statement. A monochrome outfit does not have to be any of the colors I mentioned above. Did I mention it is cool to wear white after Labor Day? 


I absolutely love patterns because they make an outfit stand out even more. Patterns add a touch of individuality to an outfit and make people pay more attention to the details of your outfit. Plaid is one of my favorite patterns for the fall.


Set aside those boring, bulky sweatshirts and make room for textured tops and coats. Velvet is a must-have for the fall. It is both elegant and warm. Other great options are leather, which is classy and protects from wind, faux fur and flannel. 


How I stay warm in the colder weather is by wearing layers. Now hear me out, there are ways to layer that are not unflattering. Put on a base layer under a top, pants lined with fleece, a sweater over a button-up. The possibilities are endless.

Simply Cozy

When the weather starts getting closer to winter, I will slip on a sweater dress. It is so efficient and easy to get ready in the morning. Just put on a base layer underneath, some tights with cute ankle booties and you are all set! Plus, it feels like I am wearing a blanket all day.

Fall does not have to be boring. Now you know ways to spice up your wardrobe, just like those pumpkin spice lattes.

Ashley Regina Morris is a staff writer for HerCampus at Temple University. She is a communication studies major with a minor in tourism and hospitality management and balances academic life while working at a restaurant and for a hotel. Come to her for fashion and beauty advice if you are on your way to the working world or are a commuter student.
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