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My Favorite Brands on ASOS.com

Online fashion websites can often be overwhelming, especially huge ones like asos. They have so many brands that they sell on their website that it can be hard to navigate. Going on the “New In” tab is fine, but finding brands you really resonate with is so much fun. There are even brands that are exclusively sold on asos, like COLLUSION and Reclaimed Vintage. These are by far my two favorite brands to look at on asos!

Reclaimed Vintage

I can’t say enough good things about Reclaimed Vintage. Their clothes are out of this world. When I finally found this brand on asos, I was blown away. They source vintage fabrics and designs from around the world and create beautiful new pieces with them. Reclaimed Vintage also makes all of its products in the UK. So, not only are you buying unique products, you are also supporting a sustainable brand when you buy from them. They create a variety of clothes, too. They have you covered for so many different occasions. Here are some of my favorite items from them:

  1. I have a soft spot for jeans, as you’ll begin to see throughout this article. Especially jeans that look like they would never fit me, but somehow do. I just want to pretend that I’m in a nineties sitcom. https://www.asos.com/us/reclaimed-vintage/reclaimed-vintage-inspired-the-97-high-waist-wide-leg-mom-jean/prd/14077149?clr=blue&colourWayId=16589709&SearchQuery=&cid=10597

  2. I love a good headband moment. I also love tortoise shell print. My two favorite things are combined in this product. Reclaimed Vintage really knows my weaknesses. https://www.asos.com/us/reclaimed-vintage/reclaimed-vintage-inspired-tort-headband-2-pack/prd/13707490?clr=multi&colourWayId=16559129&SearchQuery=&cid=10597

  3. The colors in this jacket are everything. The turquoise is my favorite part! I also love the combination of the teddy-bear texture and the normal jacket material. https://www.asos.com/us/reclaimed-vintage/reclaimed-vintage-inspired-borg-mix-bomber-jacket/prd/13009412?clr=multi&colourWayId=16477461&SearchQuery=&cid=10597

  4. Where do I even start with this? The one shouldered design or the cropped length? Both are amazing. I love the idea of mixing traditionally professional clothing with a sexy twist. https://www.asos.com/us/reclaimed-vintage/reclaimed-vintage-inspired-one-shoulder-structured-blazer-crop-top/prd/13618307?clr=black&colourWayId=16552077&SearchQuery=&cid=10597

  5. I saved the cheekiest for last! ;) https://www.asos.com/us/reclaimed-vintage/reclaimed-vintage-inspired-denim-hot-pants/prd/12266258?clr=mid-wash&colourWayId=16412171&SearchQuery=&cid=10597


COLLUSION is another one of my favorite brands on asos. This is a unique brand because it’s made up of just a few young collaborators. All of them are in their late-teens to early-twenties. They are so talented and create new pieces constantly. I really love that their brand is focused on sustainability and inclusivity. COLLUSION’s clothes are mostly made with cotton that is sustainably sourced and no animals are included in any part of the process. Their inclusivity is wide-reaching. The collaborators are a diverse set of individuals that represent different races and LGBTQIA+ communities. They are focused on breaking down different norms in the fashion industry and creating more representation for these marginalized groups. They often have unisex clothing and inclusive sizing options. Some of my favorite looks include:

  1. This boiler suit is incredible. I love the tie dye because it doesn’t look tacky; It’s dark and would match a lot of my wardrobe. The taping on it adds structure and something fresh to the boiler suit look. https://www.asos.com/us/collusion/collusion-tie-dye-boiler-suit-with-taping/prd/12816815?clr=multi&colourWayId=16522554&SearchQuery=&cid=28477

  2. Listen… I don’t know if these pants would actually look good on me, but that’s a part of the fun with online shopping. I love the concept and the blue color is beautiful. It definitely would be a stand out piece and would take your basic “chill” pants to the next level. I’m always looking to put in less effort than it looks like I did. https://www.asos.com/us/collusion/collusion-nylon-wide-leg-track-pants/prd/13654998?clr=tan&colourWayId=16555286&SearchQuery=&cid=28477

  3. You already know I had to include another pair of jeans. I can’t have enough denim, even though I objectively do. But these jeans… they’re different! The dye on these jeans makes me swoon, I already know I would wear them every day. https://www.asos.com/us/collusion/collusion-x005-straight-jeans-in-overdyed-red/prd/12183578?clr=red&colourWayId=16516385&SearchQuery=&cid=28477

  4. This print is everything! It’s almost childish, but it makes me feel nostalgic. I love the smock silhouette, I think it would be perfect for a breezy summer day or a trip to the beach. https://www.asos.com/us/collusion/collusion-printed-midi-smock-dress/prd/12025077?clr=multi&colourWayId=16420710&SearchQuery=&cid=28477

  5. This jumpsuit reminds me of a watered down outfit that Gwen Stefani would wear in when she was a part of No Doubt, and you can bet that I will take every chance I get to act like I’m in one of the best ska bands that has ever existed. https://www.asos.com/us/collusion/collusion-mixed-print-jumpsuit/prd/11900630?clr=multi&colourWayId=16364076&SearchQuery=&cid=28477

Both of these brands really attracted me at first because of the style of clothing that they offer. But, after I looked into them, I realized that they also have ethics that I love. Their promotion of sustainability and inclusivity resonated a lot with me, and I think a lot of other consumers are also becoming more conscious of these issues. Being at the forefront of these issues, both Reclaimed Vintage and COLLUSION represent the future of the fashion industry, so give them a chance the next time you’re on asos and looking for some pieces that are stylish, unique and sustainable.

I am a student at Temple University who is passionate about sustainable fashion & beauty products.
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