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School has started, which means homework, tests, deadlines and -- worst of all -- stress. Calming music has always been my go-to method of relaxing while studying for huge tests and working on projects, so I thought I would share a couple of my personal favorite songs and artists that help me power through exam season.


“Letting Go” by Potsu

“Letting Go” is a feel-good song to jam out to while working on a project. It has no lyrics, but the lack of words is made up for with a jazzy beat and a chill vibe.

“Ocean Song” by Sobs

“Ocean Song” reminds me of driving down a long road, while the breeze blows through your hair and the sunset falls over the horizon. The lyrics describe the feeling of emptying your head of all thoughts and falling deep into the ocean where it’s safe and away from life.

“Flowers” by In Love with a Ghost, Nori

This is one of my favorite songs in general. It is the epitome of lofi hip-hop music (recorded calming sounds -- typically of rain, birds chirping, glass sounds or silverware -- with a calming beat over it). In Love with a Ghost is an amazing artist; I have multiple of their songs on my study playlist on Spotify.

“Outro” by M83

This song reminds me of a dramatic movie scene, where the lead of the movie finally gets what they’ve been yearning for after fighting for it for so long. It’s the feeling of being so relieved and happy that tears start falling down your face. The only thing I can visualize this song to be is the last scene from the animated movie "A Silent Voice."

“Sunflower” by Rex Orange County

This song by Rex Orange County is a poppy tune despite the sad lyrics. The lyrics, “sunflower still grows at night,” means that even if someone is going through a rough time, they will still grow and get through that dark stage in their life. I find the song to be inspiring, and it helps me to continue studying.

“Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean

A classic. The slow tune mixed with Ocean’s beautiful voice creates an intimate ambience that makes you want to sway your body and get lost in the song. The simplicity of the song makes it a perfect listen when studying or finishing that essay you’ve been procrastinating all week.

“In Love” by Khai Dreams

This song is so simple and cute! It has a sing-song tune that makes you actually you feel like you are falling ... wait for it... in love.

 “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean never ceases to amaze me with his music. This song is so relaxing and catchy that it’s literally stuck in my head now as I type this.

 “Somebody Else” by The 1975

This song could get anyone in their bag. It’s about self-realization and moving on from someone. Maybe not the most perfect song post-breakup, but definitely for studying.

 “Frozen” by Sabrina Claudio

One of my all-time favorite songs, period. The lyrics are so intimate and emotional, accompanied by a slow yet sensual beat that makes you feel like you’re falling in love all over again.

From upbeat poppy tunes to slow r&b, there’s plenty of songs out there to make you feel relaxed and productive. Happy studying!
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