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Meet the Her Campus Temple Executive Board

Her Campus Temple has just chosen their new Executive Board for the Fall 2017 semester. Meet the ladies behind the bylines!

President- Sarah Madaus

Sarah is a junior Journalism major and General Business Studies minor from Harleysville, Pennsylvania. She is an editorial intern at Philadelphia magazine, the Director of Communications for the Temple Student Government, an indoor cycling instructor at Temple, and a Features Writer for Her Campus National. She loves reading, listening to music (talk to her about Khalid and Mumford & Sons and she’ll love you), exercising, kale, drawing, and spending time with friends.

In her spare time, you can find Sarah grinding at the Tech, eating stir-fry at Crisp Kitchen, or watching Netflix. She hopes to be a magazine journalist for ELLE or Seventeen magazines in New York City after she graduates. This is her third year with Her Campus Temple, and she has loved seeing the organization grow. She’s so excited to lead such a beautiful, talented, and motivated group of girls this year!

Vice President- Colleen Byrne

Colleen is a junior Strategic Communication major from Cresskill, New Jersey. Her favorite things in life are the beach, dogs, Dunkin Donuts’ caramel iced coffee, and Bruce Springsteen. Besides Her Campus Temple, Colleen is involved with PRSSA and Phi Sigma Pi, the national honors fraternity, on campus.

Her spirit animal is a manatee and if I was a breakfast food, she would be a taylor ham, egg and cheese on a bagel. (taylor ham, not pork roll. taylor. ham.) Colleen has been involved with Her Campus since her freshman year and she is so excited to be Vice President. She can’t wait to see all HCTU accomplishes this year :) !!!

Senior Editor- Natalie Crane

Natalie Crane is a junior from Montgomery County and studies Journalism and English at Temple.

Most of Natalie’s interests lie within the realm of music. When she’s not listening to Spotify for hours on end, she can be found at one of the various concert venues in Philly. She fancies herself a music blogger and writes for a few different music blogs, including her own, covering concerts, reviewing new albums, and more.

As if that isn’t enough time spent with music, she’s also a musician herself. Natalie sings and plays ukulele alongside an old friend from high school. The duo even plays twice a week at Potbelly at lunchtime on campus.

But don’t be deterred by the headphones. She’s very social and loves to talk, even if it’s not about music (~lol~).

Social Media Director- Yasmine Hamou

My name is Yasmine Hamou and I’m a junior at Temple majoring in Spanish with minors in Political Science and French. When I’m not busy writing or tweeting, I am spending time or joining my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta at various events on campus. As a political news junkie, I hope to work with an international news organization in the future so that I can put all of my passions together and hopefully change the world!

However, during the off chance that I’m not updating my Twitter feed for current events, I am listening to reggaeton or exploring the beautiful city of Philadelphia (aka at brunch). I’m incredibly excited to work with the HCTU team this school year as social media director and I look forward to updating memes on the Instagram and I hope you do, too!

Events Coordinator- Alexis Rogers

Alexis is a Junior Journalism Major with a certificate in event leadership. She has been writing for her campus since her freshman year as a freelancer and staff writer. She is also the editor of the Student Life Section of Templar Yearbook. Alexis is a certified Zumba instructor and loves to dance. She has plans to travel as much as possible and write about it along the way. She is a lover of coffee, chocolate, Disney, and giraffes. After graduating, she plans to pursue law school.

Campus Life & News Editor- Claire Wolters

Claire is a sophomore journalism major at Temple University with a passion for running, crafting, yoga, and, of course, writing. She began her time at Temple enrolled in Tyler School of Art, and, although she quickly switched majors, art is still a big part of her life. She likes to express creativity in many ways, and both drawing and writing have helped her to do so. Outside of the subjects already listed, she can most likely be found obsessing over her big black dog—Chester—or eating large amounts of yogurt (just ask her roommates).

She loves writing because she loves putting a voice to other people’s stories as well as her own. In addition to Her Campus, she is an editorial fellow for College Fashionista, and has written some pieces for school and local newspapers. This will be her third year writing for Her Campus and her first year working on the Executive Board. She’s thrilled.

When she writes, she tends to cover a range of topics: some that are lighthearted and funny, others that are deep and empowering. Empowering women and young people is incredibly important to her and is something that she often forgets to apply to herself. Going into her second year at Temple, she can honestly say that this is the best place for her right now, and she is excited to continue to pursue journalism, and further the relationships she has started.

Arts & Entertainment- Michele Mendez

Michele is the Arts and Entertainment editor for Her Campus Temple. She is currently a junior Media Studies and Production major with a minor in Art. She also plans on adding a second minor in Journalism.

Although she has lived in New Jersey all her life, she loves being in the city. A fun fact about her is that this past summer, she worked as a game attendant at the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

In the future, she plans on working in Editorial, writing articles about pop culture. Being the Arts and Entertainment editor for Her Campus provides her the perfect opportunity to gain experience. Besides Her Campus, she also writes for four other websites and helps with social media.

Opinion Editor- Rachel Porter

Rachel is currently a senior Journalism major. She has been writing for Her Campus Temple for two years and was the Campus Life & News editor during the spring semester of her junior year.  Her love for writing started when she was five years old and since then she has expanded to writing short stories, poetry, and articles.  

She has high hopes for the future and she knows she will achieve her goals. Her dream is to live a happy and successful life in New York City. She will have her masters in Journalism and her main audience will be Millennial girls/women because she enjoys writing a lot of personal/relatable articles. She wants to make sure that her readers can connect to what she shares, whether it’s lighthearted or serious. She also wants her readers to feel influenced by her writing and have their voices heard as well.

Profile Editor- Christine Quach

Christine is a sophomore studying journalism and computer science at Temple University. Writing and reading have been her two greatest passions since she was young. She aspires to be a magazine editor someday as well as a best-selling novelist.

Aside from writing for Her Campus Temple, Christine writes for Society19 Temple and DiamondFever; she is also the public relations consultant for Dream Man TUTV, which will be premiering later in the semester. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family.


Not pictured: Our Secretary, Alanna Gentle and our Fashion and Beauty Editor, Rayyan Aziz.


Temple University, 2019. Magazine journalist and editor, fitness instructor, health and wellness enthusiast. Proponent of lists, Jesus, and the Oxford comma. Will do anything for an iced oatmilk latte. Follow my journey: Twitter + Instagram: @sarah_madaus
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