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Locational Fashion and Its Influence 

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Most individuals have a distinct sense of fashion that they have become comfortable with over the years, but a lot of the time it is heavily influenced by where someone grew up. Living in the city, country, or a suburban town might have a significant impact on how someone chooses to dress even if they don’t realize it. 

Outfits you may see on the streets of, New York or Philadelphia are often very bold and unique. While this is not the universal case, it is much more common to see someone walking down the streets wearing experimental fashion than if you were not within a city.

Experimental fashion often consists of bold colors, patterns, or designs and may include pieces of clothing that are not often paired together. Wearing these types of outfits in places that are not cities may be frowned upon because the culture is so different even if you have not ventured that far away.

In a small, more suburban town, the “clean girl aesthetic” is more common as well as athleisure and more “conventional” and not flashy clothing. Your average baggy shirt and jeans duo or crop top and shorts might be more commonly favored in a town over a city. 

However, city fashion and country fashion are two different ends of the spectrum. In the country, you’ll find a lot more stereotypical simple outfits, flannels, and boots rather than experimental fashion.

There is still a mix of the average suburban fashion, just with a country twang to it. While cities are open to most kinds of dressing, being within the country and dressing out of the box would most likely lead to many stares in both a negative and positive way. 

People in smaller, more secluded areas tend to be much more conservative with their fashion and do not often venture outside of their comfort zones, unlike many city dwellers who are constantly exposed to dramatic types of fashion.

Obviously, a lot of these are stereotypes fitted to the atmosphere people have grown up in, but these stereotypes are often depicted within the individuals seen walking up and down the streets of a city, suburb, or country.  

I am a freshman journalism major and very interested in photography. I currently work as an assistant supervisor at Sesame Place for the photo department and I want to become a travel journalist.