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Let’s Stop Shaming Girls for Their Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most hyped-up holidays of the year in America – and for good reasons. There’s candy, parties, spooky stuff, and of course dressing up! But one problem that seems to persist is the judgemental attitude some people have towards women’s Halloween costumes.

Why do people have issues with what some women choose to wear for Halloween? Some people describe these costumes as “slutty,” which in all honesty they can be. But here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with being a slut. Guess what? Women like sex too! And there is no reason that they should have to hide their sexuality if they are comfortable enough with wearing whatever it is they decide to wear. Men are open and honest about their sexuality but for some reason, it’s inappropriate and scandalous for a woman to behave in the same manners that these men do. Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous to have such a double-standard.

Another issue some people create is fat-shaming. Some people think “bigger” girls shouldn’t wear such exposing clothes or try to be sexy because they may be overweight. Similar to slut-shaming, if these girls or whoever, regardless of gender, are comfortable wearing what they’re wearing… It’s nobody else’s business. If it is your body, no one has the right to police what you choose to wear.

A lot of the issues stem from one particular tool: social media. Some people abuse social media and the privilege of anonymity that some of these sites offer. People can (and do) hide behind a screen and say whatever they want with little to no consequence either by using a fake name or going anonymous if the site offers that. It’s unfortunate that some people use tools as wonderful as the internet to spread hate and leave unnecessary comments, belittling others to make themselves feel better. Words of wisdom in the case that you readers ever become a victim of one of these hateful leeches: block. Unless you really feel like you need to waste your energy on them, then kill with kindness. But always consider the block or mute tools if the particular social media site offers them.

The most important part of Halloween is having fun, no matter your gender, sexuality, or body type. Don’t be the one who ruins it by being a judgemental arse hole. What do you gain from being mean? Trust me, it feels so much better to be positive and support others’ choices than to be hateful and negative.


This Halloween, let people be themselves and have a good time. Don’t bring negativity into such a fun, exciting holiday.


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