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A Legend in Print: Harry Styles in “Beauty Papers”

On March 17, the publication “Beauty Papers” revealed its eighth issue titled “Revolution,” with “Adore You” singer Harry Styles as its cover star. 

“Beauty Papers” is a British bi-annual publication founded in 2015 by Maxine Leonard and Valerie Wickes. The magazine encourages discussions on the culture of beauty and breaks various barriers by delivering content that undermines societal perceptions of aesthetics and visuals.

According to multiple sites, Harry Styles is truly the embodiment of their mission statement — with his gender-bending fashion choices and his willingness to explore different styles. 

The magazine posted several times on Instagram, captioning videos and photographs of the multi-talented star, and arguing that the collaboration with Styles “viscerally responds to the shrinking freedoms of our world with an explosion of individuality, creativity, diversity, and unity.”

Styles was shot by Casper Wackerhausen Sejersen, a Danish photographer best known for his work with the “Nymphomaniac” cast. Although some of his photos can come across as disturbing, they hold a seemingly mesmerizing element which can be seen in some of Styles’ blurrier images.

The star was also styled by Harry Lambert, his longtime stylist. For one cover, he was dressed in nothing but fishnets and patent loafers. Now, I may not know this for certain, but I’m pretty sure it’s not easy pulling off an outfit consisting of strictly fishnet. Nonetheless, Styles did it almost effortlessly and drove people around the globe wild with excitement.

This is proven through recent sales, as “Beauty Papers” sold out within hours of its release. Also, as a result of high anticipation, their website crashed after too many fans tried to order the issue.

Styles was styled in custom Gucci, fitted in a blue suit with a burgundy tie and long gloves. To perfect the look, the outfit was paired with makeup by Gucci Beauty and MAC products. He sported bronze-toned, dramatic, bold makeup with eyeshadow that made his eyes seem sunken in and more prominent. 

As fans express their adoration for Styles on social media, it becomes increasingly clear that he is a force to be reckoned with. From the success of “Fine Line,” his second album, to his Tiny Desk Concert at NPR Headquarters, his face has overtaken the internet in many regards.

Even as the world is wrecked with the current pandemic and multiple events are forced to shut down for the safety of its consumers and participants, Styles continues to release more dates for his upcoming tour, Love On Tour. 

It seems the star is only on the rise from here on out, so make sure to stay up to date with all of Styles’ future appearances, as well as any upcoming music!

Rosie Hendricks, a junior journalism major at Temple University with a minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies, often finds themself busy scrolling through social media for the latest scoop on anything arts and entertainment. For insight into what they spend their time obsessing over, click on a few of their articles and immerse yourself in the delights of recommendations, reviews, and more.
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