Last (And I Mean, the VERY Last) Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween. That one glorious night or weekend of the year where you can be anything you want without being judged. As a kid, I would think about my costume weeks in advance, and as soon as I figured it out, I would force my mom to take me to the Spirit Halloween store that was open for about two seconds. As the years passed by, trick or treating went out of style and Halloween nights were spent doing homework and making those sugar cookies with the pictures on it. In college, Halloween is kind of a big deal. This year it falls on a Thursday, so that means at least three Halloween costumes; and that’s not including the weekend before Halloween, if your school does that. This article is for all of you procrastinators (like me),who are just figuring out their costume a week in advance. 


  1. 1. Catholic School Girl

    I went to catholic school for 12 years of my life, and my uniform has never come in handy more than right now. If you or a friend has a school kilt or jumper, there is your first costume. Pair it with a cute crop top, the signature pigtail hairstyle, maybe a tie, and booties, or thigh high boots. If you want to make this a couples costume, your partner can be the teacher!

  2. 2. Favorite TV Show Character

    This is a pretty easy idea too, but it may involve the Amazon express shipping that I mentioned earlier (I promise it’s worth it). Being a character from your favorite TV show is always fun and super rewarding, especially if you do it with someone else. My friend and I are obsessed with Friends (I mean, who isn’t?), and we are being Monica and Rachel from the Thanksgiving football episode one night. A lot of room for creativity, comfort and fun in this one.

  3. 3. Burglar / Thief

    If you were to grab one of your 20 pairs of black leggings, a black or black-and-white-striped crop top, maybe a black hat and face paint, and a pillow case, there’s your burglar / thief costume. Simple as that!

  4. 4. Athlete

    This is another costume that requires minimal to no effort. Ask any guy in your life for one of his millions of sports jerseys, throw on some eye black and bang… there’s your costume. An added bonus with this one is the delicious smell of boy deoderant you get to carry around with you all night!

  5. 5. Skier / Snowboarder

    This costume is perfect for if you’re going to a Halloween party that is outside in the crisp fall weather. Get a big puffy jacket, pair it with leggings, a crop top, a pair of goggles and one of those hats with the puff ball on top. Voila! 

I am not the most creative person alive (and you’re probably not either) so these costume ideas are super simple. They work, and if anything, this article can be used as a reminder that Halloween is super close!!