KUWTK: Tristan Cheats on Pregnant Khloe

For anyone who doesn’t know, (I mean how wouldn’t you know!) back in April when Khloe Kardashian was 9 months pregnant, Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s partner and father of her baby, was caught cheating as Khloe days away from giving birth.

There are receipts to prove it with video evidence of Thompson making out with another girl.

The first episode reveals all the sisters finding out about the scandal and as you can imagine, the Kardashian sisters were furious to say the least.

My heart broke for Khloe as Kylie broke the news to her via text with picture and video evidence.

When the sisters got news that Khloe was in labor, they hopped on a plane to be by her side during this exciting and stressful time.

Even though it was a few days apart, I personally would’ve hopped on a plane the second I heard the news about Tristan.

The second episode brings good news. The Kardashian sisters and Khloe’s good friend, Malika, got there just in time along with their mother Kris and the doctor.

As horrible as this news was to Khloe she did not want it to affect the day of her daughter’s birth. She expressed how she has been waiting for this day her whole life and this situation is something she will deal with later.

So, to respect Khloe’s wishes, her sisters played nice with Tristan. However, Kim couldn't help herself but make faces at Tristan in the delivery room and made it very clear that she was angry at him. I mean who wouldn’t do the same?

After Khloe left the hospital, it was time to address the major elephant in the room.

Tristan wanted to speak with Khloe’s sisters and mom first. The conversation was done off camera and according to Kim, the conversation started out O.K, then got heated.

I’ve got to give the girls credit for keeping it respectful. I don't know if I would've been able to hold back.

After all of this you would think Tristan would try his best to be nice, but no. Kim’s response on Ellen to the situation caused Tristan to say Kim was trying to start problems.

The problems started when he decided to cheat so boy, relax.

Kim simply said the situation was F’ed up and that he’s just mad he got caught along with receiving backlash from the situation. Kim responded with an unfollow on Instagram. You go, girl!

Next week's episode will be Kim and Tristan talking about their beef so stay tuned for that! In the end, Tristan and Khloe are still together and let's just hope he doesn’t pull this again. At least their daughter, True, is a cutie!