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The Journey to Temple Made

Sitting outside on Liacouras Walk on a beautiful summer day seemed like the only appropriate way to begin my interviews! My goal for this article is to interview everyday Temple students about their journey to being Temple Made. The campaign is an incredible one and doing so much for the school. But what I really wanted to do was take the time to recognize the fabulous females we are surrounded by everyday and who are going to make a huge difference in the future!

Lauren McTiernan is a junior honors student majoring in Biology with teaching, in hopes to go to veterinary school after graduating. She serves as the co-president of Young Friends of Tree House Books and is involved with the National Society of Leadership and Success, Biology Society and the American Medical Student Association. The Young Friends of Tree House Books is a Temple student organization that raises money for Tree House Books, an off campus book store and tutoring center, and raises awareness of the education inequity in North, Central Philadelphia.
When I asked Lauren to sit down with me, she was thrilled and proudly sported her Young Friends t-shirt! I told her I had some easy questions for her to answer and they proved to be a little more thought provoking than she originally thought but hey, the journey to Temple Made is not an easy one!

Her Campus Temple: If you could describe Temple in one word, what would you use?

Lauren McTiernan: Community. I am involved in the community, it is how I go about my usual day and it is what Temple stands for.

HCTU: What is your ultimate goal at Temple?

LM: Graduate… (She laughs, and then elaborates). My ultimate goal is to experience Philadelphia as well as Temple. I love atmosphere of the city and I am in a place where I do not have to isolate myself solely to a college campus so I can see what else is around me.

HCTU: What is #TempleMade to you?

LM: Temple has an individual aspect to it but, at the same time, it is all about being with others and
learning how to interact with them. The university makes you a better person, teaches you who you are and makes you aware that there are plenty of people here just like you. Every student is proud that they go here, but they do not let it define who they are. I think that is individual to Temple; we know we are Temple Made and we are proud, but we have our own identity and personality and we can find it here.

HCTU: What do you want people to know about Young Friends of Tree House Books?

LM: Volunteering and being part of our organization is a one-of-a-kind experience. You are forced into situations you otherwise would not participate in and it challenges your personality. We have various events, such as open mic nights, that are not always about how much money we make, rather, the awareness we can get and the people who come out. It is a different way for people to get together in a non-drinking sense, so it is really cool! We are a very close organization because we are so small, which makes us special! Many join our club simply to do community service but they quickly realize they want to keep doing it after they fall in love with the cause!


As I moved on to my next interview, I hiked across campus to Presser Hall, a building I would not normally find myself in, to interview the lovely ladies of Singchronize. Singchronize is Temple’s only all girl A Cappella group, singing songs from every genre and putting on quite the performance! Sitting in on rehearsal was incredible, 17 girls getting together and creating beautiful music, without instruments! The atmosphere was fun, warm and welcoming but also very serious. As they began warming up, their powerful voices filled the room and I was taken back by the sound they could make. These girls arrange their own music and direct themselves, taking female power and discipline to a completely new level. I interviewed their president, Virginia Laskowski, who is a junior studying public relations and Marketing.

Her Campus Temple: What do you want people to know about Singchronize?

Virginia Laskowski: It is an all female group filled with girls from all different majors. It is an outlet for us to get together and do something we are passionate about: singing. Also, we are the only all female group, so it says a lot about who we are and what we stand for.

HCTU: What is your goal as the President for your club?

VL: To make people aware of not only our group, but all other A cappella groups on campus. We want people to come to our concerts and enjoy themselves and know that there is a whole A cappella community they can be part of.

HCTU: Why is your group #TempleMade?

VL: We come together as a group and sing without instruments. It is powerful. Not many people can say that, and at Temple, we are in the environment where we have the resources and support to make it happen. In addition, we are a group of all females with a lot of spunk and personality, showing our true personalities and being true to ourselves, which is what Temple is.

HCTU: What is one word that describes Temple?

VL: Diverse. Not only does it describe our school but also our group!

Finally, as I left the music building, I headed to the Village in the student center to interview my final outstanding female, Mackenzie Krott, on her journey to #TempleMade. Mackenzie is a senior studying public relations and Political Science who serves as the president of the Public Relation Student Society of America and a member of Phi Sigma Sigma. Her journey to Temple Made has taken her international, as she studied abroad in Rome last fall and is excited to see where the short remainder of her journey takes her!

Her Campus Temple: What is one word that describes Temple?  

Mackenzie Krott: Opportunity. I have been very lucky to have the opportunities I have had because of Temple. I was able to travel abroad, become involved and land a great internship in Philadelphia because of connections I have made and the opportunities I have been given and taken advantage of!

HCTU: What does being #TempleMade mean to you?

MK: I think being Temple Made goes back to the word opportunity. As students, we are learning a lot in the classroom but also important life skills. Temple students take opportunities and run with them. Temple Made is taking advantage of everything Temple has to offer and exceeding expectations by miles! We are a one of a kind university and I am proud to say I am having an incredible journey to being Temple Made.

HCTU: As the president of PRSSA, what are your hopes for your organization?

MK: I hope that we keep expanding at the rate we are now and continue to gain members. I hope that the members are learning a lot and able to have the incredible experience that I had, building relationships, networking and beginning to know what they want to do with their future. I most importantly hope they are enjoying the semester this far as much as I am!

The females on this campus are doing incredible things and campaigns such as #TempleMade and sites like Her Campus do a great job highlighting them. Without these 3 women and their groups, we would not be serving the community, graced with incredible singing and have someone helping younger students in a pre-professional setting. 


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