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It’s Time to Start Caring About Politics

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

I know, I know. You probably read the title of this article and thought, “Not another article about politics”. And I get it. Talking politics can be boring, exhausting (especially after the past few months) and even infuriating. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, now more than ever, the world needs people our age to talk about these issues. These issues will affect us for the rest of our lives, not to mention the generations after us.

We all know those people, you may even be one of them: one of those people who claims they “hate politics”. But if you think about it, this statement doesn’t even make sense. How can you possibly hate something that impacts your life in so many ways? We live in AMERICA, people! We have the opportunities to let our voices be heard: we have the opportunity to vote. However, only about 50% of young people voted in this past election; and this election was a major one. Isn’t it about time we start making our OWN opinions and judgments about politics? 

Listen, being involved in the world is important. It might not seem like it when you’re surrounded by tons of other college kids who don’t care about politics, but it is. Maybe we need to think more about life and what’s important. Get out of your little bubble, and realize that these issues are going to impact you more than you know! Life changing issues are at stake and it is up to us to shape the future we want. Take a second from scrolling on your Instagram feed or stalking people on Facebook and read up on the current issues. It’s ~cool~ to be educated, and even cooler to have a voice.

It’s time for a change- I’m sure you’ve been hearing that a lot, but it’s true. We’re well on our way to a kind of political rebirth, you could say. People are sick and tired of the way things are being run in our country, myself included. And the best part is: our generation can turn everything around. It sounds cheesy, but we really do have the power to change the world if we come together. But that can’t happen unless people our age start caring. Whether it’s immigrant rights, access to Planned Parenthood, improving our education, there’s an issue for everyone that hits close to home. It’s time to find yours!

Logan is a junior journalism major, and serves as Campus Correspondent.  She is also the proud president of Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Nu, her sorority. Logan is typically super busy, but still dedicates hours to reading a Cosmo from front to back...twice. Logan loves all things social media, especially following puppy accounts on Instagram. Her dream is to break into the magazine industry and help empower other women to pursue their dreams, whatever that may be.