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Instagram Account Trendmood can be Overwhelming and Helpful Simultaneously

How Trendmood has changed beauty product consumption. 

With 1.6 million followers, Instagram account Trendmood1 keeps its loyal followers aware of all new and upcoming makeup releases, sales, and new brands, but, how does this affect the consumer? 

Take a look at Trendmood’s Instagram page and you will see rows of posts, reels, and stories all about what is new in the world of makeup. Ranging from well known brands like Covergirl, and Tarte. They also make it a priority to highlight new Colourpop releases, a brand known for releasing new products extremely often. Showcasing new celebrity brands from Ariana Grande’s R.E.M., Harry Styles Pleasing, and Pharrell Williams Human Race. It can be a great tool to discover some smaller known brands, they have recently posted about Alamar Cosmetics and Make Beauty. Discovering these new brands and their innovative products can be exciting and inspiring to makeup enthusiasts. 

While engaging with this content is very fun and exciting, I question how it feeds into the idea of overconsumption and the continuous need to have more. Constantly seeing new makeup releases on your timeline, especially ones you are interested in, can reinforce the idea that more is better. This account can also be very draining mentally. Being surrounded by the persuasive messages that these products are out there and you should buy them takes a lot of effort to continuously process. 

Interacting with this content can be a fun experience, but keep in mind that every product shown on the feed is not something you need. There are other sides of the internet that focus on using up and enjoying the makeup you have. This community is called Project Pan and members can be found on platforms like Instagram, Redditt, and TikTok. Part of this community mission is to use up the beauty products they currently own instead of continuously buying more. 

There is nothing wrong with following and enjoying the Trendmood Instagram page, I enjoy seeing their posts, but remain aware that the high quantity of information they are presenting about all the new products can be harmful to their followers. 

Hello! My name is Kimberly and I am a sophomore Communications and Social Influence major at Temple University!
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