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I Tried All the New Diet Coke Flavors So You Don’t Have To

Last week, Diet Coke visited Temple’s campus and gave HCTU six of their new flavors to try out. I tried all of them, so you don’t have to! Here’s their ranking from our most favorite to least favorite.

1.)   Original

Even though we’re here to review Diet Coke’s new flavors, we have to pay homage to the OG itself. We’re only putting the original Diet Coke at the top of the list because at the end of the day, we still believe that nothing beats the classic! 

2.)   Ginger Lime

This flavor was one of our favorites because it has a subtle, yet crisp taste thanks to the ginger. The flavor is not too overpowering and gives your palate just what it needs for a light refreshment.

3. ) Twisted Mango

Twisted Mango was one of the sweetest flavors out of all, but not in a bad way. While the Diet Coke flavor isn’t as visible as the others, the mango offers a sweet and refreshing taste; perfect for the summer time. You can even get creative with this one and mix it with one of your favorite drinks!

4.)   Zesty Blood Orange

This is where things take a slight turn. While not horrible; the orange flavor is a bit too overpowering and has a slight aftertaste for our liking. If you are a fan of orange, you may really like this! 

5.)   Feisty Cherry

This flavor of Diet Coke really puts an emphasis on “feisty!” So much so that it has a bit of a spicy aftertaste, so if you enjoy spicy, you might really enjoy this one!

6.)   Blueberry Acai

We do have to give this one props for giving us clear hints of the classic Diet Coke flavor and a nice scent. It is definitely more of a subtle hint of blueberry so it isn’t too overpowering! 

7.)   Strawberry Guava

This one is very sweet and has a strong strawberry taste to it. If you’re into drinks more on the sweeter side, this will definitely be the one for you.


All in all, the release of these new flavors is pretty exciting. The cans have a colorful and sleek look that we love and pair with the name of their flavors perfectly. Although we definitely like some flavors more than others, this new line is a great way to quench your thirst if you’re looking for something sweeter and a bit different than the original diet coke.

Which new flavor are you most excited to try?

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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