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How You Can Advance Your Career during the Pandemic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Coronavirus stopped a lot of students’ career opportunities in their tracks. Many internships and work opportunities were canceled which left major gaps in many people’s resumes. Being completely online does not mean that we have to stop working towards our professional goals. Below I listed some of the ways we can keep on progressing professionally and adding to our resumes in such uncertain times.


This is perhaps one of the more obvious directions to take in these times no matter what your industry is; however, it is important as it can lead to a plethora of new opportunities. I recommend putting a lot of effort into your profile then reaching out and connecting with anyone in your professional sphere. From there, you can reach out to new people they are connected with. Networking is key to finding new opportunities during this pandemic. 

Linkedin also provides an opportunity to show potential employers that you are building your skills through their Linkedin Learning initiative. Through this, you can watch videos on specific topics or skills that you can add to your profile. 

Virtual Work Experience

Although there are not many in-person internships available presently, there are plenty of work opportunities online. If a remote internship with fixed hours does not fit into your schedule currently, I recommend looking into virtual work experiences such as those provided by The Forage. These completely free programs can be completed on your own time, can help you build skills specific to your career, and act as a resume booster. It also shows you what the day-to-day projects would be like working for a specific company to help you make sure you are on the right career path. 

Make a website 

As a creative type, it is important to showcase your skills visually. Therefore, making a website to highlight your skills and act as a portfolio helps prove to employers that you are hirable. Although it may sound complicated, the process is easier than you think. Companies such as Wix and Squarespace were created to make creating a website more accessible to the average person. Having a virtual portfolio like this allows potential employers to explore your creative works on their own time.

Gain Certifications

Proving to employers that you hold skills specific to the job position is crucial in landing the opportunity. Therefore, putting certifications on your resume will help to show that you are properly qualified for the position. Grow with Google provides this opportunity for those looking to go into fields such as IT Support and Design. 

Although it may feel as if the world has stopped with coronavirus, there is still a lot you can do to feel productive. Doing any of the recommendations listed above can bring your career and resume a step forward. They will prepare you to grow professionally and hopefully find a job after completing your undergraduate!

Delaney Mills is a Senior at Temple University majoring in Communication Studies. She's has a love for fashion and Harry Styles. She can usually be found at the Bagel Hut on campus or in her bed watching New Girl. Follow her on Instagram @duhlaneyyy!!