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How to Enjoy a Long Distance Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Long distance relationships are tough. 

Being in a long-distance relationship has its challenges, but there are plenty of ways to stay connected with your partner despite the lack of in-person interaction. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve learned to use and enjoy in my relationship. 

  1. Discuss communication methods. 

Staring out my relationship, I assumed that regular phone calls would just happen without any planning. It turned out that my boyfriend wasn’t the type of person who needed phone calls during our time apart as much as I did. Having the conversation about ways you’ll communicate is a good starting point to set expectations and know what’ll work best between the two of you.  

  1. Know when you’ll see each other again. 

It’s easy to start missing your significant other, even if you spend just one day apart, let alone weeks. Planning out when you’ll see each other next is a good way to have something to look forward to. You’ll be excited about your future plans, instead of constantly wondering when the next date will be. 

  1. Send surprise gifts. 

Even if it’s not one of your top love languages, sending or receiving unexpected gifts every now and then can add more fun and meaning to your relationship. Of course, gift-giving goes both ways in a relationship, and the present does not have to be anything crazy. A flower, stuffed animal, or cookies go a long way to let your partner know that you are thinking about them and love them, despite the distance. 

  1. Always say good morning and goodnight. 

Texting is usually the main method of communication for couples who aren’t seeing each other every day, so remember to take the time to send a good morning and goodnight message with some extra love. During the day, your schedules might be misaligned, and it’s harder to text simultaneously. Hearing affirming messages at the start and end of the day sets a positive tone, and it becomes something to look forward to. 

  1. Be present when you are together. 

Since the two of you are apart more than you are together, it’s important to maximize the time you do get to be with each other. Put your phones aside and give your full attention to whatever you’re doing, whether it’s watching a movie or going out. You will never regret being in the moment, and we could all use a screen break. 

  1. Establish trust. 

Being physically apart, it can be easy to question things about your relationship. If you’re uneasy or feel jealous, take the leap, and talk about it. Having these serious conversations builds intimacy and trust and makes both people in the relationship feel more secure.  

  1. Focus on your college experience. 

While you’re in a relationship, do not forget to prioritize your personal college experience as well. Dive into classwork and activities to keep yourself busy while you’re apart. College is meant to be a time to explore different areas and grow.  

Taking a challenging course is a great way to learn and stay occupied. If you already have a heavy workload, consider becoming involved in a student organization for fun. You might discover something new about yourself! 

  1. Do not be intimidated by the statistics. 

If you look up the statistics about the success of college relationships, some results aren’t very encouraging. It makes sense that relationships end because we are still finding ourselves in college, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe in your relationship. Having a positive attitude and trusting what you have are required to build something solid, no matter how it goes.  

Remember all relationships require work, so do not forget to put in the effort! I hope these tips and tricks help to make your relationship a little smoother and happier.  

Diane is the Co-Events Coordinator of Her Campus Temple University, which entails planning fun events and socials for the team. At Temple University, Diane majors in Biology and minors in Public Health. Prior to becoming a chapter board member, Diane was a staff writer for the campus life and news section. Her professional background is largely in the field of STEM. She has worked as a receptionist/technician in an eye doctor’s office, and serves as an executive board member for Temple University’s Biology Society and Alpha Epsilon Delta Chapter. In her free time, Diane enjoys exploring the outdoors and going on hikes around her hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she's not studying, Diane can be found reading, volunteering, listening to crime podcasts, or catching up with friends.