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As a journalism major, one of the first things I look for when moving into a dorm or apartment is if the TV has cable, and how I can access the news. For the last two years at Temple, I’ve had a TV with no cable and I really struggled to find access to the local news channels. For months I relied on Twitter, Snapchat, and the weather app to know what was happening in the world. To prevent others from going through the same struggles as I did, here’s a list of how to get access to the news while at college.

Take advantage of Temple’s library

Interested in reading the New York Times? Temple’s library has access to articles from various editions. When you read their articles through the library, you don’t have to pay the monthly fee after reaching an article limit.

Listen to podcasts

Surprisingly, news podcasts do exist. The New York Times also has a podcast on Spotify, called “The Daily.” NPR also has many podcasts, like “Up First.” The beauty of podcasts is that you’re not limited to sitting down and watching or reading like you are with broadcast news or print. You can listen to the news while walking to class or washing dishes.

Download news channel apps

Many new channels have mobile apps, like CNN or NBC. While many of these apps are free, you do have to sign in with your TV provider.

Sign up for email news briefings

News briefings via email are great for getting short tidbits of important information. While they don’t give you the full story, they do give you the gist and provide a link to the article.

Social media may be the easiest option, but it’s not the only one. As college students, it’s important that our news doesn’t only come from apps like Twitter or Snapchat. It’s time to take advantage of free options from Temple’s library or from Spotify’s podcasts. This isn’t just important for journalism majors, but for all college students.

Julia Merola is a freshman journalism major at Temple University. She’s currently focusing on campus lifestyle articles. In her spare time, you can find her reading, writing poetry, or trying the newest online workout challenge.
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