How-to Take That "Artsy" Instagram Photo

“Okay I literally took a 100 photos.”

“Wait can you take a couple more?”

“I like them but yeah sure.”

“Thank you!”

This is the typical conversation you and your friend will have when you’re trying to capture that perfect artsy photo. As ridiculous as it sounds, making sure you get the right one can be a process. Everyone handles their photography skills differently but many of us go through a similar experience.

First step is to find a day where the weather shines. Usually late spring to early fall tends to have beautiful picture taking weather but it’s also the time to show off your seasonal styles.

Then you’ll hit up the friend that doesn’t mind taking a million photos of you until you look great. You both plan a day out together and you get dressed up.

Your hair looks great, your makeup is on point, and you have such a scenario of how the day is going to play out. Your friend looks just as hot as you both make your way to the city.

There are many murals and areas for picture taking but you’re stuck on two options. Either you don’t want to take a photo in the same location that every other person does or you try your best to stand out in that same location.

South Street is a popular area for picture taking and you can capture some pretty cute shots. However there are so many other areas to choose from so maybe this time you want to try something different.

You’ll stalk random people’s Instagrams to try and find a funky location. Some accounts won’t give the exact area or you’ll realize the location is a bit of a drive.

Even when you’re being a royal pain your friend loves you and is willing to join you. You’ll both hop on Uber or the subway until you’ve reached the location.

If Instagram’s editing hasn’t deceived the photos you saw, then you’ll be pretty damn excited.

Your friend takes your phone and waits a moment for you to get into position. You do multiple poses while your friend starts pressing away. The key here is to have the friend take at least 50 photos instead of the friend who will take about four photos. You two will be here all day if that’s the case. 

Eager to look at the photos, you take your phone and start skimming away. Suddenly a mix of emotions are racing through your mind. 

One second you like the photos then you start to question if you look good. You don’t pay too much attention to the details but instead you focus on whether you look cute and if the photo is Instagram quality. 

Just incase you ask your friend take a bunch more but this time your friend will be the one giving their thoughts. They’ll pick out the photos you weren’t too sure about but feel reassured when your friend says they like them.

You thank your friend for putting up with you and ask if they want photos. When you’re done, the final step is to figure out the best time to post them. 

Maybe coming up with a funny caption and a filter but now that the hard work is over, you can relax.