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How To Kill Your Spring Semester

Everyone already knows that the spring semester is so much better than fall semester. After getting past the awful winter season, there are so many things to look forward to; you can’t help but be excited! With Valentine’s Day, spring break, Saint Patrick’s Day, music festivals, and countless other events right around the corner, there is no reason not to set new goals, achieve them, and have a great time while you do it! Don’t get me wrong though; with a new semester comes new responsibilities and it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities with so many other things going on. Here are a few ways to have the best spring semester yet:

1. Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is incredibly important If you already have a pretty healthy lifestyle,props to you! Make sure you are maintaining it no matter how busy you get during the semester. On the other hand, if you’re like me and are still working on that, start off easy! Make little changes to your diet, like eating less sugar–you’ll be amazed at what a difference that will actually make. College is stressful, and it is so important to be giving your body the fuel it needs to keep going. Figure out what days and times you can get to the gym,and make it a routine. A healthy mind and body is key to having a great semester.

2. Set goals

Of course setting new goals is always on everyone’s list, but that’s only because of how important it really is. It’s a new year and you probably aren’t the same person as you were a couple months ago. Figure out what you already have accomplished, and what you want to accomplish this semester so you know exactly what you are working towards. It’s never too late! So go buy a cute planner, some colorful pens, and write them all down somewhere where you can revisit them often.

3. Learn time management skills

If managing your time is something you struggled with last semester, this is the perfect time to change that. It is definitely difficult to go from laying in bed and binge watching Netflix 24/7 to having to deal with a full course load of college classes, but it’s totally doable! Figuring out what works for you is super important, so make that a priority. Make sure you are getting everything done on time from the start of the semester because it is so easy to fall behind as the semester goes on. Utilize your planner and tell others your responsibilities so they can hold you accountable.

4. Prioritize academics

Remember that your main priority is your education, so make sure to make all of your classes count. With so many things going on, it is easy to put extracurriculars, your social life, or athletics ahead of your classes. Make sure you are keeping up with all all your classes so you aren’t stressing out as much when the semester is coming to an end. Get to know your professors by ~actually~ taking advantage of their office hours or emailing them often. Bookmark Blackboard and never lose sight of the ultimate goal–a degree that will help you score your dream job.

5. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is so important. It’s hard to get things done when you have a lot of tasks and responsibilities piling up, but try setting a reward for your goal. You’ll be more motivated to get that paper done if you know you have a pint of ice cream and your favorite TV show or a mani/pedi waiting for you.

6. Don’t forget to have fun!

This semester is full of fun events, so make sure you’re being proactive throughout the semester so you don’t have to miss out on the fun things. How mad would you be if you had to miss a concert because you forgot to write that paper that was due for a class? Being more organized and managing your time better will definitely be worth it when you realize how much more you can do with the time you didn’t waste.

So, what are you waiting for? Crack open your books, put down the bag of chips, and get started on smashing this semester as the best you yet.


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