How to Keep in Touch With Your S.O During Quarantine

I think we can all agree, living through a literal pandemic is something we wish wasn't happening. We’re no longer on campus, can’t see our friends, or even go outside to run errands (minus the needed grocery run). I know it also really sucks for couples who don’t live together. Being away from someone you care for so much in order to keep yourself and others healthy is the responsible thing to do, but not the easiest. Because I can not speak from experience, I asked some couples on how they are dealing with social distancing during quarantine.

Keep Texting and Talking

This is a pretty obvious tip, but a very important one. Since some of us still have online classes, you or your partner might be busier sometimes more than the other. Texting or talking on the phone comes naturally, but, if you’re struggling to find time, set up call times. Maybe dedicate an hour or so to Facetime them.

Virtual Dates 

Remember that episode of Zoey 101 when Zoe and Chase finally got together but Chase was in London and Zoe was still at PCA? Yeah, well, welcome to that. Go on virtual dates. Facetime or Zoom (I recommend Zoom for background change) each other while eating, listening to music, or just hanging around. You can also use Zoom or Netflix Party to watch shows or movies together! It’s not the same without the physical touch, but it can really help you feel like you have the company of each other.


Distance can put a strain on the reassurance you usually get while you're with them. Make sure you continue showing the same love and care for your partner as if they were still next to you. If you’re worried about not receiving it from your partner, communicate with them about your worries. Strong couples are always ready to say “I’ll always be here for you”, even if they can’t physically show up.

I know Soulja Boy’s “Kiss me Thru the Phone” is really hitting different these days, but try to make the best of it! Staying inside has been hard on all of us, but the more we follow regulations, the quicker this quarantine can end. So, let’s hope we can still salvage Summer 2020 soon. Stay healthy and stay inside!