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As a sophomore studying journalism, my previous semesters of finals have not been this active. I have been juggling the end of the semester like a sport. Between deciding whether I want to go home for the summer to written exams, to final papers, or projects. This end of the semester has tested my willingness to stay calm and collected.   

One of the main things I am doing is affirming that a lot of my stress will be elevated once the semester is officially over. Though I am not graduating, I have been using commencement as a landmark to mark the semester officially over for everyone. I should not and will not be doing any work past May 8th, I have planned my entire work schedule around this point and am looking forward to meeting it. It gives me something to look forward to. While being in the eye of the hurricane, it’s hard to remember that the academic year will end.   

With classes also coming to an end, I have less of a routine. On the other hand, classes have been ending, and I owe it to myself to take a breather. Managing what work I have and scheduling what needs to be at the top of my schedule has been helpful. This also has given me an idea of how much work I need to expect from myself daily. This gives me room for grace if I am unable to meet my own expectations- having this safety cushion has brought me a lot of relief.  

In my free time, I usually have a difficult time trying to relax, whether it is finals season or not. Because we are kind of in a limbo period during finals season, it’s also difficult for me to pick up hobbies or try something new – because I am kind of stunned with anxiety. Still wishing to be blanketed in some type of comfort, I have found that watching movies I used to watch has been enjoyable!   

I have cycled between rewatching old things I have seen, and new movies that I have been curious about. I think movies in comparison to shows give me a better sense of accomplishment and a sense of indulgence in relaxing because they get resolved at the end and movies for me are nostalgic. And since most movies are about two hours, I put my phone down and maybe focus on the movie, paint my nails, do laundry, and clean up the space in my room. During this time, you could also make a playlist for studying, or a schedule for the next few days!  

On days when I have needed a jumpstart to my day, I have put in focus to moving my body or checking in with my body through monitoring it. I stretch in the morning while lying in bed, try not to check my phone directly after I wake up to keep my head clear for a bit, and remember to do skin care in the morning. I try and get some fruits in my system, a quick easy thing to eat and a sweet treat. If I need to be extra productive in a day, I work towards trying to get to the gym, that way my body goes through some active stress so I can be in a steady state later when I am trying to work.   

Finals week has been a force to reckon with, but I know this stress does not last forever. Working to try and make this uncomfortable place as comfortable as I can has done a lot for me, and I look forward to reaping the sense of accomplishment once finals are over, when I can properly crash for a bit.   

Hi my name is Chelsea! I'm studying Journalism at Temple University and I am writing for Her Campus under the Health section :3. I am very passionate about writing and excited to be involved with Her Campus this year.