How to Have Fun Without Technology During Quarantine


Ever since quarantine started, my absolute best friends have been Tik Tok and Netflix. But I’ve noticed recently that my brain is officially starting to melt from boredom. So I started to hunt around the house for some new hobbies to pick up, because let’s face it, I certainly have the time and have caught myself doing the “Savage” dance one too many times. From being isolated, I have learned to carve out some quiet, technology-free time that I am really starting to cherish.

  1. 1. Embroidering

    Yes, I *know* that I sound like an 80-year-old named Margaret saying I like to embroider, but it’s true! I picked up a few kits at Michaels right before moving out of Temple, and they were so much fun! The kits are made for total beginners and have step-by-step instructions for people like me who didn’t know what embroidery really was. The designs are so cute and perfect for a new wall decoration, or it can be an artifact to look back on in the future when remembering this crazy time. I strongly recommend giving this a try!

  2. 2. Puzzles

    This is the perfect time to break out those old puzzles from the back of the games shelf, because they’re ALL out of stock online… So, clearly, everyone has the same idea. I don’t think I’ve touched a puzzle in over five years, but lately I have been obsessed. These are a perfect activity because you can either do it by yourself, while you blast old One Direction tunes (guilty!), or you can make it a family ordeal and bring everyone together. It’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but it is pretty calming and gets me off my phone, which I would call a win.

  3. 3. Hiking

    In quarantine, it can be easy to let weeks pass without ever leaving the house once, which makes sense because we’re ordered to stay at home, right? But if you live in an area with a lot of nature/hiking trails, this is a great way to get out and soothe cabin fever with a very low potential to be infected or infect others (as long as you keep six feet distance!). This quarantine has reminded me how important it is to get outside, and it *really* does help ease stress and boredom, which we all are struggling with. It can also help give you more motivation and be more productive, which at this point would be an actual miracle. 

These have been trying times, but it has really taught me that I need more technology-free time incorporated into my everyday routine. Whether it be a creative outlet, something the family can do together, or spending time in nature, there are so many benefits to these types of things. But since we still have months of quarantine left (yuck), I will continue to look for plenty of other fun hobbies out there to make the days go by quicker!