How to have the Best Self-Care Night

Finals are coming up, which is already daunting enough. But this year, we have to deal with the stress of finals season ONLINE. As I study for classes, attempt to manage group projects online and just finish up in my classes, I find one of the best ways to de-stress is to have a self-care spa night.

To start off the perfect spa night, I would suggest taking a bath. I know that a lot of people are opposed to taking baths, but they are so relaxing -- especially after you toss in a bath bomb and light a candle. I also love to turn on some music and pick up a good book to really set the mood.

Bath & Body Works  

After a bath, I also do a super long skincare routine and make sure to take my time with it and not rush straight through it. I’ll usually start by putting on a face mask and listening to music or putting on some Netflix while it sits on my face. After I rinse off the face mask, I’ll clean my face with an apricot scrub and put on some witch hazel and rose water. I finish off my skincare with some moisturizer and I’m good to go! 

Diffusers and candles are a must-have for a spa night! Make sure to light them up and sit back and relax while all those yummy scents start to fill the room. I tend to eat snacks on my self-care nights, and my go-to snack is definitely chips and salsa! Also, some hot chocolate or tea is a must! Once I’m done with my snack and drink, I’ll put on Netflix again and turn off my lights. I’ve been rewatching “That 70s Show” recently, and I must say, if you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend it for a laid back and fun spa night show.

Spa nights are meant to be a way to relax and forget about all the stressful stuff going on in your life! Be sure to always take time out for yourself and make sure to take mental health breaks as needed.

woman getting a spa day face mask Adrian Motroc