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Spooky season is approaching! 

Now that it is finally fall, it is time for the upcoming holiday season! For many reasons Halloween is my favorite holiday. From it being a perfect day for people with a sweet tooth, to being able to enjoy horror movies in all their essence on October 31st.  

 Personally, I take costume shopping and planning very seriously every year. Whether it is reaching out to your friends for a group costume, a relationship for a couple’s costume, or just planning something by yourself –it is so exciting!  

I see it as an opportunity to play pretend because real life can be serious sometimes, and Halloween is the perfect time to have fun and relieve stress. 

As a kid, I barely knew who most of my neighbors were until Halloween night hit. When going door-to-door, everyone would have smiles on their faces while handing out free candy. Those interactions left a lasting impression of how friendly people can be.  

Now that I am older and the one handing out candy (BTW, trick-or-treating does not have an age limit!)  I want to be the one to leave lasting friendly impressions on children and be a part of their Halloween experience. 

Also, now that I am not trick-or-treating anymore, I find that going to a local haunted house on Halloween night instead has the same effect on connecting with others. The adrenaline rush mixed with a little anxiety when anticipating jump scares with others can create a great bonding experience. 

 I find that the mix of fear and humor that haunted houses contain helps people connect with others and people that were strangers at the beginning of the night can be laughing about it with you at the end of the night. 

Whether you choose to spend the night binging the Scream movies or going to a party in your favorite costume, Halloween is a tradition that many others are participating in with you.  

Jadyn Howard

Temple '25

Hi everyone! I'm Jadyn, a junior journalism student at Temple University. I love to write articles for Her Campus based on my own firsthand experiences and fit that into the bigger picture! Outside of Her Campus, I interned for Temple Office of Global Engagement and Resolve Philly.