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How the Girls of HCTU Have Been #SocialDistancing

It’s been a little over a month since college students all over the country (and world) have transitioned to online classes — with a lot of students forced to do so in their childhood bedrooms. Many of us have had to stay motivated with school work while surrounded by prom dresses that no longer fit us, our ex high school sweetheart’s old sweatshirt that is stuffed in the back of our closet and other disheartening teenage memorabilia. If you’re among those who stayed near campus in an apartment or other living situation, you’re likely struggling with the same lack of motivation. With no library, TECH Center or Saxby’s open to do homework in, we’re all being forced to do work in a place that was once strictly for relaxing. Not to mention, if you’re by yourself, being in your off-campus apartment can be seriously lonely. This whole situation can make you feel seriously lonely. 

However, as you’ve likely heard before from some celebrity on Twitter (eye roll), we’re all in this together. Although it doesn’t mean much coming from a multi-millionaire who gets to stay in a mansion that is nearly as big as our campus, it is true. We all need to work together and STAY HOME if we want to overcome this difficult time. 

But, as we’ve probably all realized over the past month, staying home and practicing social distancing can be really draining and disheartening. At HCTU, we feel your pain. I mean, we’re living it too, of course. Here are some of the ways that the ladies of HCTU are pushing through this quarantine and staying busy + motivated while being cooped up inside:


Maggie Mancini, Opinion Staff Writer

“Since my work is closed until the end of March, I’m using my time catching up on myself. Reading, watching and listening to things that make me smile, even if I’ve seen it before. Right now, I’m getting back into podcasts like ‘Schnitt Talk’ as a way to laugh when I really would rather scream or cry.”

Kayley Nilon, Wellness & Fitness Staff Writer

“None of us were ready for this change, but we’re all in it together. Thank God for FaceTime and Tik Tok, but I’m not the biggest fan of Zoom!”

Emily Veith / Justin Bieber / Hailey Baldwin Bieber / Pink / Lizzo

Haajrah Gilani, Fashion and Beauty Staff Writer

“I’m fortunate in the sense that I never had a balanced schedule and that I’m unskilled in anything related to home economics. Because of that, I’ve been able to put my newfound time into learning to cook! I’ve also been phone banking for Bernie Sanders and I’m hoping to do more campaigning from my home. I’m not going out of my way to be productive and I’m not going out of my way to read the news because the information overload can be overwhelming. So much of my life relies on social situations, so my time at home contrasts greatly from that and I’m trying to adjust by just focusing on what I love.”

Delaney Mills, Co-Campus Correspondent

“I’m using social distancing as time for myself to relax and unwind. I’m not putting pressure on myself to do a lot of work or accomplish 10 things in one day. Instead, I’m taking it slow and doing things that make my mind feel calm in an uncertain time.”

a bed with some books and a coffee
Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Lisa Cunningham, Social Media Director/ Instagram Director

“While I practice social distancing I have been actively trying to continue working out at home. When I want to get a good cardio workout in, I will watch dance videos on YouTube from The Fitness Marshall. These are a fun way to get a sweat in! I don’t have any dumbbells at my apartment, so I have been using wine boxes to get some muscle training in. Work with what you have!”

Caitlyn Love, Fashion and Beauty Editor

“During this weird and unsettling time, I’ve recently emerged myself in all things ‘Twilight.’ Weirdly, I never got into the Twilight saga as a preteen, so I figured now was the perfect time to watch both the movies and read the books. Also — how could anyone not be Team Edward?!” 

Rachel McQuiston, Co-Campus Correspondent

“This time has been tough, and that’s an understatement. To keep myself feeling, well, like myself, I’ve made reaching out to my friends a top priority. You can catch me having Zoom happy hours every day… until 11 p.m — sorry, still on that college (no) sleep schedule!”

Red Wine Pour
Alex Frank / Spoon



When Rachel isn't obsessively drinking iced coffee by the gallon or binge watching true crime videos on YouTube, you can probably find her writing about her failed love life. She is currently a  junior (*she's ancient*) journalism major at Temple University, and is a Her Campus Temple Campus Correspondent, a Temple Student Government Social Media Manager and a 2020 Owl Team Student Coordinator. 
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