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How E.L.F. Is Making A Comeback   

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

We all know E.L.F. for how easily accessible its products are and how great the quality is. The affordable, low-maintenance brand has been all the rage, and here is why.  

Who is E.L.F.? 

In case you forgot, E.L.F. (standing for eyes, lips, and face,) is a cosmetic brand founded in 2004, based in Oakland, California. The brand was originally sold exclusively online and opened its first freestanding store in Manhattan in 2013. In 2016, the store expanded to the West Coast. It now has twelve solo stores across the country.  

The brand consists of all types of skincare, including mineral-based makeup products like its Mineral Infused Face Primer ($8). 

E.L.F. is also known for its affordable products and is sold in all sorts of drug stores and makeup stores, including Target, Ulta Beauty, and more.  

The E.L.F. team launched its newest line, Halo Glow ($9), in April 2023; the product includes liquid contours, blush, and highlighters. They are easily applicable and blend well into the skin, providing a glowy look.  

So, when did E.L.F. start trending again? 

Like most beauty trends, it all started with a viral TikTok. On Sept. 6, beauty influencer and TikToker Mikayla Nogueira posted a video doing her take on a bridal look using only products from E.L.F.  

E.L.F. cosmetic supporters wasted no time running to the comments and wrote things like “I have been using E.L.F. since they came out and they never fail me,” and “I freaking love E.L.F.!” 

Consumers love the affordability of these products and the fact that their low pricing does not determine the quality of the brand.  

I love the brand and would recommend it to all of us broke college students because you get the quality of more expensive brands at a more affordable price. The brand is easily accessible to purchase at drugstores or online with E.L.F.’s Website and Amazon.  

Some products I love and use on a daily basis are the Hydrating Camo Concealer($7), the Halo Glow Beauty Wand Contour ($9), and the Pure Skin Moisturizer ($12).   

When used together, these E.L.F. products provide the perfect glowy, long-lasting look for any occasion. I recommend running, not walking, to your campus’ local drugstore to try out some of E.L.F.’s products for the next function.  

I am a sophomore communications major at Temple University with a minor in Criminal Justice. I currently write for the Fashion and Beauty section of Her Campus Temple!