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How To Dress When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Twice a year I get really sick and this past week was one of them! I felt like rolling over and not getting out of bed, which I know you all can relate to. 

However, college doesn’t stop just because you’re a little sick — so, sometimes, you just gotta fake it til ya make it & power through your sickness. Throwing on a cute and comfy outfit before heading to class can often make you feel a little bit better (or, at least more confident). I figured out the best ways to dress up your sick day outfits and make yourself feel like going to class, even when you’re just *not* having it. If you only wear sweats when you’re feeling sick, then I totally feel you girl! My go-to look is a pair of joggers and a big comfy sweater. However, this look can oftentimes look messy, and I have a few ways to dress it up.

Throw on a Vest!

A vest is an awesome way to spice up any outfit! Not only does it keep you warm in this chilly fall weather, but it adds a little pizazz to your sick-day outfit.


I love braids and throwing your hair into a messy side braid is such a quick and easy way to make yourself look put together during your drowsy day.


Okay, hear me out on this one… glasses are stylish! I never want to wear my glasses out, but on my sick days, I really can’t be bothered to put my contacts in. I used to feel embarrassed by walking out of the house in just my glasses, but thankfully, in 2019, glasses are coming back, and I’m pumped!! Pop on your frames and rock them!


We all know that being sick and sleeping just don’t go well together, but thankfully we have an answer to those horrid eyebags! Slap on some concealer and go strut your stuff! 

Just Do You!

Honestly, being sick sucks, and having to do school when you’re feeling ill sucks even more. Throw on your messiest outfit & rock the natural you for just one day, I promise no one will say anything, we have allll been there.

There you have it, five simple things to do to make yourself feel a little more presentable when you’re feeling under the weather. This time of year is the worst for getting colds, but don’t worry, we’re all in this together!

Lindsey Danasko is a sophomore Public Relations major and Communication Studies minor at Temple University. She loves coffee, blogging, and cuddling with her dog and kitties! You can follow her on instagram @lindsey.danasko
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