How Coronavirus Has Affected the Entertainment Industry

Since the Coronavirus has hit the United States, the entertainment industry has taken a large financial hit. The sudden, yet detrimental, effects of this pandemic could most likely change the industry for a very long time. Life as we know it right now has been shifted dramatically since the start of this pandemic, and it is possible we will continue to see the different ways the industry has been impacted. Here are some ways the entertainment industry has been affected by the Coronavirus:


  1. 1. Calendar changes in productions

    Many movies, award shows and television productions have been postponed due to the coronavirus. For instance, “Mulan” has now been pushed back for release. While it was originally supposed to open on March 27, it will now open four months later on July 24. On another note, all Broadway shows have been shut down as well. In relation to Broadway, the 74th Annual Tony Awards have been postponed until further notice. Some popular shows have halted production too, such as the shooting of “Stranger Things” for its fourth season. Another important event rescheduled was the Tokyo Olympics which will now take place next year. While this is certainly an unfortunate situation for many, we can expect to see a plethora of new content released upon the end of the pandemic.

  2. 2. At-home productions

    While many shows have had production suspended, popular late-night hosts search to find alternatives to release content, and many are doing this from home. Jimmy Kimmel and his team have begun broadcasting shows from Kimmel’s home. James Corden has also released a special filmed in his garage with video performances by special guests in light of the situation. Particular guests were Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas, BTS, and John Legend. “The Today Show”’s Savannah Guthrie decided to continue on with the show from her basement upon having cold symptoms. It is so admirable to see these people continue to produce content during a time that could definitely use some positivity.

  3. 3. Entertainment venue closures

    As a result of the virus, a majority of the nearly 6,000 movie theaters around the nation have been closed down. In particular, AMC theaters and Regal theaters are closed until further notice. As a result, drive-in theaters have made a very promising comeback in the midst of the pandemic. With just over 300 existing in the country, they have become increasingly popular during this time. Along with theaters, all Disney parks and attractions have been closed until further notice. These closures came shortly after President Trump discouraged gatherings of ten or more people.

  4. 4. Postponed concerts

    Numerous concerts have been postponed or rescheduled as a result of the current situation. For example, Justin Bieber has officially postponed his 2020 Changes Tour which was projected to begin in May. Niall Horan has also canceled his tour which was going to start this month, but prioritized the well-being of his fans and tour crew first. One of the largest music festivals in the world, Coachella, has been postponed to October as of now. While this is certainly disheartening to fans nationwide, every organizer and star named has plans of rescheduling after the pandemic comes to a halt. 

  5. 5. Suspension of sport seasons

    As a way to combat coronavirus, many sports have been suspended until further notice. For instance, the NBA season has been suspended as well as the NHL season. MLB spring training has also been canceled with no clear date for Opening Day. In addition, the NCAA cancelled all women’s and men’s spring events and winter championship events. There have been discussions of how these seasons will continue after this virus, but nothing is confirmed at the moment.

Evidently, the Coronavirus has tremendously impacted the entertainment industry, and it may take a while for it to recover once the pandemic passes. Though this may be a long road to recovery, it will certainly be one that is worth it. It is important to remember these events are occurring with one agenda in mind: to protect as many people as possible. By taking these precautions, we will be able to get back to enjoying what the entertainment industry has to offer. Stay healthy, owls!