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Here’s Why Halloweekend on Campus is The Best, Hands Down

Remember when Halloween was all about dressing up and getting free candy? In college, you’re still going to be dressing up – maybe with a little bit less fabric – but you’ll be getting free booze instead.

And for whatever reason people still don’t understand why collegiettes everywhere argue that Halloween is hands down the best holiday.

1. Because you can eat (or drink) all the candy-corn flavored things you want to just to honor the holiday. And, more importantly, you can be whatever you want.

2. Dressing up for this holiday isn’t stitched up like your elementary school costume made for the parade. It’s gotten a lot easier, since, ya know, we’re all broke and all that other typical-college-student stuff – so going all out isn’t the norm anymore. Don’t know where to start? You can throw on some cat ears and you’ll blend in with just about everyone else in the room. Open up your drawers because I can assure that you already have a costume.

Red body suit? – Fire fighter. Victoria Secret Silk Robe you got free with your splurge last Semi-annual?- Runway Angel. Your Catholic high school uniform skirt? – Uh, iconic Britt Spears …Baby One More Time, anyone?

3. College students are well informed too. Students already know that 1) Appropriation is not a  “costume” and 2) Judging girls for wearing whatever they want to on this holiday is equally as uncool. So, know that just about anything goes. Unless it’s offensive to someone else’s culture.

4. The festivities don’t just begin on October 31st. “Halloweekend” is a term coined to describe the weekend before Halloween where the dressing up and partying is all weekend long. After you’ve found that perfect costume… you can find another. Swap with your roommate and become something entirely different on Saturday.

5. Halloweekend brings on a little more potential for anything than any other holiday. For one, it’s one of the only holidays where students stay on campus. We all have reign to do whatever we want on this night. Besides, our costumes give us that little spark of confidence that wouldn’t be found in our regular holiday attire or American Eagle jeans. (Uh, hello. Cinderella got that one right. There’s a reason why she was decked out for that ball instead of in her reg attire. And it wasn’t to find Prince Charming – it was to have a hella good night out.)

And if you’re not planning on party-hopping this weekend, staying in is just as celebratory too. Because, secretly, all of us that went out in platforms and fishnets are probably wishing we were home watching Stranger Things 2 anyway. Happy Halloweekend!


Morgan Sullivan is a second year communications major at Temple University. She enjoys giving life advice, working out at the gym, and food that is birthday cake flavored. She is the editor of the opinion section at HCTU and hopes you like what she has to say. 
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