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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

As a part of our 2023 Alumni Panel on March 15th, we would like to introduce all of our panel attendees prior to the event!

Rachel McQuiston was CC, Instagram Chair, and and editor throughout her time with HCTU. It’s all coming full circle for Rachel M. as she returns back to campus for the 2023 HCTU Alumni Panel! Reach more about her experience here!

Her Campus at Temple University: What position(s) did you hold within Her Campus Temple?

Rachel McQuiston: I was a Campus Life & News writer freshman year, the Campus Life & News Editor sophomore year, Campus Correspondent junior year and Instagram Chair senior year!

HCTU: First things first, what are your big three?

RM: Aries Rising, Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Rising

HCTU: What was your major at Temple, and can you tell us your favorite memory on campus?

RM: I was a journalism major with a political science minor.

I have so many great memories at Temple- it’s hard to choose! I was an orientation leader in the summer of 2019, and some of my best memories are from that- being able to share my love for TU with incoming students was super special! As far as HC goes, there are lots of great memories, but the Valentine’s Day panel remains my all-time favorite.

HCTU: If there was one thing you could tell yourself while you were a staff writer, what would it be?

RM: I would tell myself that writing will continue to be the best (and most creative) outlet! Writing for HCTU as a staff writer freshman year was definitely my creative escape away from boring gen-eds and intro journalism classes. That remains true today with my 9-6 job. Even though there is quite a bit of creative writing in my job, there is still no better release than writing something for you – whether it’s a blog post about a topic you like or a journal entry meant only for you to see.

HCTU: After graduation what has been the most fulfilling moment for you?

RM: This is kind of broad- but just being an adult! After college, I moved into Center City to live alone and work my mostly-remote full-time job that I started working at after interning there my senior year. Now, as I gear up to move out of that apartment (and by the time of the panel I will be moved out), I am gearing up to take the next step in my adulthood- moving to New York! Seeing my professional life progress- even slowly- is an immensely gratifying feeling.

HCTU: In what ways did your Her Campus experience help you with your professional development?

RM: HCTU gave me confidence! I am so thankful for the practice I got not only in writing and editing – but also in running meetings, hosting events and keeping everything organized. These are all skills that I have carried on into my job IRL.

HCTU: What was the most challenging thing you faced post-graduation?

RM: Working remotely has been a challenge that I did not anticipate to be as difficult as it is. For the majority of my college experience (pre-covid), I was immersed in the true, hustle-and-bustle college lifestyle- running from classes to meetings to hanging out with friends. My life was very busy- the way I like it- and my days were full of socializing. Now, as I work most days remotely, I have had to learn how to remain inspired and productive while working solo + being alone in my apartment for the majority of the day. As a true extrovert at heart, this has definitely been a learning experience.

HCTU: What are your plans next?

RM: By the time of this panel, I will have just moved out of my Philly apartment- like literally the day before. My next plans don’t have a strict timeline to them yet, but I will be moving to NYC for my job (the office is based in NYC!). I currently work at a boutique public relations firm that specializes in interior designer + luxury home decor clients- a space that I absolutely love! In my job, I’m often surrounded by beautiful things, so I plan on sticking around awhile!

HCTU: Is there anything current HCTU members should know about you before the panel?

RM: I hosted the first HCTU Alumni Event (or at least the first to my knowledge)- it was really small + def a work in progress, but was an amazing experience! I’m so happy to be coming back as an alumni this time around- full circle moment!! (-:

Join us in Temple University Annenberg Hall room 201 on March 15th at 5:30 pm to learn more about Rachel and all of our other panelists!

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