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Even though Hamilton: An American Musical is based on a true story, I like to see it as a work of fiction. I mean, do you really think people sing and dance throughout their lives, especially in those times Hamilton was set? Of course not! There were also many different races that we see portrayed as these white historical figures which were not the ones actually living through those times. Those are two reasons why I think of Hamilton as a work of fiction. So on that note, based on what I have seen in the play, I am going to determine which zodiac signs are some of the characters in Hamilton: An American Musical.


I am first going to start off with Angelica Schuyler. She is very loving and emotional as she puts her feelings aside for her sister's needs. Through her compassionate actions, I see her as selfless, but what are really her intentions? I question this because then she sings that she needs someone wealthy in her life! Considering her characteristics and actions in the play, I am going to identify her as a Pisces, which is the historical figure’s actual sign.


The next character I want to talk about is Eliza Hamilton-Schuyler. In real life, she was a Leo and I can kind of see this when she burns the letters.  Besides that moment, however, I feel she acts more like an air sign. I am an air sign myself, but I see air signs as people who are wondrous and are not really sure of who they are and act depending on different circumstances. Because of these qualities she possesses, I will say that I see Eliza as a Gemini. She showed one aspect of who she truly is, but she is hiding another part of herself that can be seen when she burns Alexander’s letters. Later, when he dies and she accomplishes many things, she tells both her and Alexander’s stories.


Now onto Aaron Burr… The character of Aaron Burr is everything I identify as characteristics I do not like in Libras. He is someone who is not defined and does things that are not based on his beliefs, but on what will be better for him at the moment, showing he was indecisive. This can be seen many times throughout the play such as in the first act where he did not want to duel, but later on in the second, he was all for it. It is very clear that he was not clear about what he wanted which can be proved in the songs “The Room Where it Happens” and “Non-Stop.” I think these are air sign qualities, as they go with the flow and do not actually act upon what they believe.


How Alexander Hamilton was portrayed in this musical screams FIRE SIGN to me. He was determined, confident, impulsive, passionate, and because of these traits, I determined he was a Sagittarius. The reason I chose Sagittarius out of the fire signs is because of my experience with them. Sagittariuses have been amazing people in my life, but just as Alexander Hamilton, they choose their paths no matter what. What I mean by this is clearly seen in “Non-Stop'' when Washington is asking Hamilton to join him while Eliza is telling him to stay, leading him to choose to not throw away his shot. He chose himself and what he wanted, leaving aside that he had a family. Besides all of the fire sign characteristics he portrayed, this alone to me was very Sagittarius-like.


I am no astrologer, but I am really fascinated by astrology. Thus, this train of thought I just shared is based on the characters as they were presented in the play, as I think this play as many others is simply a work of fiction. Some of these people were not actually those signs in reality, but they gave me really strong vibes of those signs due to their characteristics and actions.


By Alexandra Lόpez Carrión

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