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Halloween Costumes On the Go: 2020 Edition

Halloween is a hectic time of the year and finding the right costume isn’t always an easy process. Every year, you see the generic cat costume and nothing new that really shows effort or creativity. Look no further and try out these five Halloween costumes that are sure to leave everyone you know speechless! Three of these costumes are for humans and the other two are for your pets so that everyone, including your furry friends, are guaranteed to look stylish this Halloween!


Costume #1 is fruits, and this costume gives you the opportunity to dress up with your friends and family; it’s a collaborative costume that’s colorful and cute. Depending on which fruit you want to be, you would choose the colored t-shirt that correlates with the fruit, some construction paper, headbands, and tape. Just to start you all off, I’ll give three examples. The following steps are for dressing up as a pineapple, orange, or strawberry.


Materials: yellow shirt, black marker, green paper, scissors, tape, and headband. 


Use the marker and draw the symbol “^” onto the yellow shirt.

Use the scissors to cut out a strip of green paper and some leaves.

Wrap and tape the strip of paper onto the headband.

Create a small cylinder with the green paper and tape on the leaves.  

Attach the cylinder to the headband.


Materials: orange shirt, headband, green paper, tape, and scissors.


Wear the orange shirt.

Cut out a strip of green paper and wrap and tape it onto the headband.

Cut out a leaf shape and tape that onto the headband as well.


Materials: red shirt, white paper, green paper, scissors, tape, and headband. 


Cut out raindrop shapes on white paper.

Tape those raindrops on to a red shirt.

Cut out a strip of green paper and wrap it onto a headband.

Cut out raindrop shapes on green paper and overlap them to create the strawberry leaves that will then be taped onto the headband.

Gumball Machine

Costume 2 is a modernized version of a gumball machine; this costume is quick and easy. 

Materials: white shirt, red pants, assorted pom poms, glue, white shoes, gray paper, scissors, and a marker. 


Lay the white shirt out and start gluing the pom poms from the middle to the bottom, leaving a square without pom poms on the bottom of the shirt. 

Cut out a circle on the gray paper, draw a rectangle in the middle of the circle with the marker, and then write 25 cents under the rectangle. 

Tape the circle onto the square on the bottom of the shirt. Fill any empty space with extra pom poms. 

Wear some red jeans or leggings and finish off the costume with a pair of white shoes.

Winnie the Pooh and Honey

Costume 3 is Winnie the Pooh and his honey, which is a couples costume that will make your friends go “aww that’s cute.” Here are two different variations of how to dress as Pooh while the honey stays the same. 

Materials: yellow sweatshirt, yellow pants, red t-shirt, scissors, thread, needle, cotton balls or polyfill, red tank top, yellow skirt, paper (yellow and white), marker, and bee hair pin (optional).

Version 1 Steps:

Grab a yellow sweatshirt and a pair of yellow pants.

Cut out half of a red t-shirt and put it over the sweatshirt.

Cut out semi circles with yellow felt and stuff them with polyfill or cotton balls.

Sew the semi-circles and clip them onto your hair.

Version 2 Steps: 

Grab a red tank top and yellow skirt. 

Cut out semi circles with yellow felt and stuff them with polyfill or cotton balls.

Sew the semi-circles and clip them onto your hair.

Honey Steps: 

Wear all black clothing.

Cut out a bee hive shape, and draw or color in a couple bars with dark yellow.

Cut out a rectangle with white paper and write “hunny.” 

Tape the rectangle.

Find a bee hair pin and clip it onto your hair (optional).

Ghost Pet

Costume 4 is based on the Tik Tok trend where people cover themselves with a white sheet and sunglasses to make themselves look like ghosts. Instead of doing the human version of this, I wanted to suggest a cute costume for your cat or dog. This costume will literally take you five seconds to make since it’s that simple!

Materials: a white cloth, scissors, and a pet to be your model!


Grab the white cloth and cut out three circles (two next to each other and one slightly below it in the middle) — these holes are for your cat or dog’s eyes and nose.

Call your dog or cat over and put the cloth over them and make sure that their eyes are on the top two holes and that they can breathe with the middle hole.

Beanie Baby

Costume 5 is for people who are fans of Beanie Babies, as this costume is not uncomfortable for your furry friend and it’s affordable! 

Materials: red cardstock, white paper, scissors, hole puncher and ribbon to create the “ty” tag that you see on Beanie Babies. 


Cut out a heart with the cardstock. 

Cut out the letters t and y with the paper.

Tape the t and y onto the red heart.

Use the hole puncher and punch a hole on the top of the heart.

Put ribbon into the hole and tie it to your pet’s collar.

If you want to make it extra special, you could always make a heart shape card and put in your pet’s name on the inside.

Collectively, these costumes are unique and different from the generic cat costume that you see on Halloween. You can create these costumes the night before Halloween or even on the day of and people will be amazed with your creation. Don’t be shy and see what you can create with the things in your closet and around your home!

Hi! My name is Joyce and I'm a Freshman advertising major at Temple University I will be writing for the Arts and Entertainment section for the 2020-2021 school year :)
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