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The Woodlands are a place for self-expression and acceptance.

For the first time in 823 days, the Woodlands of Dover, Del. became illuminated with concert lights, bustling with festival-goers, and booming with music of various genres. During the last weekend of September, Firefly Festival made its long-awaited return and was sure to exceed the expectations of festival-goers and talent alike. From the star-studded lineup to the ornate outfits and everything in between, the festival was a knockout. 

Per usual, Firefly Festival composed a lineup of performers that was nearly astonishing. Some headliners for the festival were Billie Eilish, The Killers, Lizzo, Cage the Elephant and Tame Impala. If this list of performers is not enough to have your jaw on the floor, then keep reading. Also present was Nelly, Mt. Joy, Machine Gun Kelly, Diplo, and a multitude of other artists. Surely the lineup was killer (no pun intended), but what stole the show were the attendees. 

This year, Firefly festival-goers made the Woodlands their runway. Outfits ranged from intricate layers to minimal clothing, and each attendee was sure to showcase their personality through their attire. As you strolled up to Diplo’s set, you were greeted by festival-goers in eccentric rave clothing. With pashmina shawls donned atop their heads, waist beads around their hips, jewels carefully placed along their bodies and elaborate bralettes, the crowd belted lyrics to hit songs and became a community through the beat of the music. With just a few steps in the other direction, you were welcomed by a much different crowd. While listening to alternative/indie music, festival-goers swayed together in their spunky flare pants, dainty crop tops, and braided hair. There were others in the most minimalistic clothing possible, like decorated nipple pasties and lingerie bottoms. People of all ages, races, religions and backgrounds gathered to express themselves through clothing, song, and dance. 

No matter what you were wearing, you were welcomed with open arms into the Woodlands. For just four days, over 50,000 strangers became a union of individuals with one common interest- to finally enjoy live music. After a prolonged period of deprivation from the soul-lifting experience of singing along with a crowd to iconic songs and dancing as if no one is watching, Firefly Festival goers made a big comeback. 

If you were not at the Firefly Festival this year, I recommend beginning to save funds for your 2022 ticket now. While you are at it, start planning your outfits as well. The Firefly Festival isn’t just about the music. It is about the self-expression that becomes possible through your festival outfits and the release that you feel after being to unapologetically present yourself.

Temple University Fashion and Beauty Editorial Staff Writer
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