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Finding Outfit Inspiration On Instagram

Everyone has had at least one of those days where it seems like your closet is overflowing with clothes, yet you have nothing to wear.

There are tons of Instagram accounts that inspire fashion forward outfits. Even your friends newest post may give you the spark you need to figure out what your going to wear.

Getting dressed can be a drag and sometimes you don’t have two hours to figure out what you’re going to wear. Having a couple Insta inspos will help you out on those busy mornings when you need to get dressed and go, but still want to look fashionable. I’m sure we’ve all done it, took a scroll down our timeline, or looked at that fashion forward influencer that you been following for ages, to help you figure out how to throw together the trendiest, cutest outfit. Here is how to use Instagram as a tool to get you out of your next fashion funk:  

1. Find your favorite fashion pages

@cfashionista- College Fashionista is a go to for fashion forward, trendy outfits. “A community of influential college students with access to experience in the fashion, beauty, and digital media industries.” College Fashionista is literally made for college students looking for that perfect outfit inspo!

@minutiae.tu- “Fashion organization of Temple University.. Our quest; Explore fashion as a form of art and self expression!” Please if you don’t check any of the other pages out, you must take a look at this one! It originated on Temple’s Campus and is run by Temple students giving Temple Made fashion. There is one video where a girl creates four different outfits from a white t-shirt. Who knows, one of them just might be your outfit for tomorrow.

2. Pay attention to celebrities or even your Instagram friends

@Siangietwins- You may have never heard of these twins but their fashion is just as killer as their music skills. I’ve been following these girls for years now, since before they got famous, and they have always been able to throw on these cute, comfortable outfits. If you’re looking for some outfit inspo, then look at your favorite celebrities page and see what they threw together recently and maybe you can copy their outfit to an extent. Remember to try and throw your own flare onto the outfit to make it your own. Changing the heels to sneakers can go a long way, and may just fit your daily schedule better while walking from class to class.

@Nattttyb- You don’t have to be famous to look good and a girl from my high school makes that clear. Every time she pops out she pops out in something fly! So when I am looking for an idea of what I could possibly wear, I visit her page from time to time. Even if it’s just getting the ‘rocker’ look that you admired at one point, you now have more inspiration than you did before you looked on Instagram.

3. Follow hashtags

#Fashion- As simple as it sounds there are plenty of people that create accounts specifically to help you get dressed. You can more easily find these accounts by searching through the fashion hashtag. You may not even always find the perfect fashion page but the fashion hashtag has a lot of inspo for you as well. You can even search for the specific outfit your searching for, for example ‘jumper’.  

#StyleBlogger- Like I said, there are literally people who create accounts specifically to give outfit inspiration. If you look up the hashtag ‘Style Blogger’ then multiple style blogs will come up. You can follow this hashtag on Instagram to get a variety of styles so you can find the one that best fits you.  

It’s okay to have a brain fart from time to time. The internet has created a huge space for us to connect with people and share ideas to create a more diverse world.

Don’t be afraid to take an outfit from someone on Instagram or copy someone’s idea, it just might turn into your new go-to ‘fit.

I am a communications and media studies major as well as a senior at Temple University. I host a podcast called Confidence Brings Success and love to write on my spare time! I am fun, outgoing, creative and love to laugh! IG: @Atomicalexis_ IG: @confidencebringsuccess website: https://thelifeofmeunseen.wixsite.com/website
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