Finals Week As Told By Philly Sports Teams

Finals week is officially upon us here at Temple and everyone is struggling. No one understands our #struggle quite like Philadelphia’s various sports teams. Here’s finals week as told by Philadelphia sports teams (because you’re probably just watching dog videos at the Tech anyway).


Finals week comes at you out of nowhere like


You somehow have 7 essays, 4 exams, 2 group projects and a speech all due in a week


You give your professors daggers when they say the final is cumulative


But you take it back when you find out there’s extra credit


Trying to get your group project members to do their parts like


Saying goodbye to your class friends


Even though you’re drowning in work, you find time for some end of semester shenanigans with your squad


On your way to the Tech like


When someone steals the last seat out from under you


Searching for your motivation like


The stress begins to eat you alive


You start fighting with everyone because you’re so stressed out


Your friends make you take a dance break so you’ll feel better

Trying to head into your first exam confidently


When you thought you were prepared but you get into the test and it’s nothing like you expected


But you (somehow) still pass


When you’re halfway through finals and just trying to make it to break


Studying really hard for an exam and still doing badly


Leaving your last final like

When you get the A you worked really hard for


And finally, when you and your high school squad celebrate being reunited and being done with finals


Good luck and happy studying collegiettes!