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font-family:”Times New Roman”,serif”>“Hair preparation for curly hair takes time and dedication,” because each curl has to lay just right and be prepared for perfection. After all of the styling, women want their curls to pop throughout the day. Unfortunately, hair frizz is a common factor amongst women “with curly hair textures”. Also, is often the culprit that interferes with a good hair day! Stop hair frizz it its tracks by understanding where it comes from and the products to tame it!

What’s the Frizz

To understand hair frizz you must understand the causes. A common mistake that our curl friends make is buying a product that is not beneficial to your hair. We are all guilty of buying a product on a whim because it was a bargain or that it may have received praise from our peers. The downside is the disappointment that you will have when the product doesn’t deliver the juicy curls that you were looking for. A great site called Naturally Curly suggests that it is helpful to visit a stylist to get recommendations for the right product to buy that will work “best “for your hair. Another tip is that maintenance is the key to maintaining the natural luster of your hair.
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says, “Investing in a silk bonnet or pillow will sustain the natural oils that hair produces and stop friction.” Lastly, helpful tip is to use a generous amount of product for your curls that will enhance them. Girls with curls want their hair to add the extra bounce in their step.

Product Junkie

Ladies want gorgeous hair but you may not have enough change in your purse to buy the so called “A-list” products. It is possible to find products that are reasonably priced that will not break the bank. A product line that is well worth the purchase is the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Kit which can be purchased online at Target for $18.99 with free shipping. The product has received 5 stars and according to customer reviews, “The product has made my hair curly and shiny as well as healthy I’m in Atlanta and it has been in the 90s.” The product includes shampoo, curl enhancing smoothie, a hold and shine mist and a curl and style milk. The organic product is ideal because the ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, silk protein and hibiscus flower extract. These ingredients will minimize frizz, add moisture and give you vibrant-luscious curly hair! 

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