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Fifth Harmony Announces Hiatus on Social Media

On Monday, March 19th, Fifth Harmony posted a photo to the group’s social media accounts, where the girls announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus. Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, and Dinah Jane said they will be taking a break from the group to focus on their solo careers. They’ve been working hard for the past six years and need a well-deserved break from Fifth Harmony. Fans were very supportive of their decision.

The girls have been together since 2012, when they each auditioned as solo artists on the reality competition show, “The X Factor.” The judges believed they would be stronger as a group, so the girls formed Fifth Harmony. At first, their songs only played on Radio Disney and their music videos on Disney Channel, but they eventually grew out of their Disney phase and recorded more mature music.

In 2016, Camila Cabello exited the group to focus on her solo career. When she left, there was a bit of drama surrounding the reason why she made her decision. Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello went back and forth on social media explaining their sides of the story, and it didn’t end well.

At the 2017 Video Music Awards, people believed that Fifth Harmony dissed Camila Cabello during the group’s performance. Before the girls started singing, a person got thrown off the stage and people assumed it was meant to be Camila Cabello.

After Camila Cabello went solo, each of the Fifth Harmony members also began to experiment with solo projects while still being part of Fifth Harmony. They’ve been featured on songs with artists such as Halsey, Khalid, and Steve Aoki. Most recently, Ally Brooke released a single called “Perfect.”

Once the girls started releasing singles of their own, fans began to speculate that the girls would eventually want to take a break from Fifth Harmony. Still, the members remained together, but without Camila, it wasn’t the same.

The group’s third album, “Fifth Harmony,” was their first without her and it didn’t do so great, sales wise. I remember first listening to the album and I didn’t find it as enjoyable as their previous releases. According to data, they only sold 34,142 albums without streams, about half of what their first album, “Reflection” sold, at about 62,000 pure sales.

As a fan, I hope to see Lauren, Ally, Normani, and Dinah rise to fame as solo artists just as Camila did, but in my opinion, I think Normani will do the best as a solo artist.

In an exclusive for Entertainment Tonight, Normani actually broke her silence about the hiatus and said that she loves her fans and that she had the best time of her life in the group.

She, along with the other members, will continue to perform as Fifth Harmony in the next few months until they officially take a break.

We wish the girls the best of luck with their solo endeavors and hope they return as a group in the future.

How do you feel about the hiatus?


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