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In hopes of broadening your horizons, here is a list of female-led podcasts, across a variety of genres, that are absolutely worth listening to. 

There are an overwhelming amount of podcasts available. With the seemingly endless list of choices, I’ve narrowed it down to six different shows across different genres that are all led by women, so you’re both expanding your listening experience and supporting women in the industry.

Empty Inside - Jennette McCurdy (Mental Health, Advice)

If that name sounds familiar to you, you likely grew up watching iCarly. Jennette McCurdy (she/her) has since moved on from her days as Sam Puckett and now hosts her own podcast that specializes in mental health issues. On this podcast, Jennette hosts various different guests to talk about mental health struggles like depression and eating disorders as well as how their early lives, like growing up Mormon or with stage parents, affected them. 

Her and her guests provide amazing insight and advice on very complex issues. Whether some of the topics that are covered apply to you or not, I’ve found listening to them to be very insightful in providing a perspective on something I’m not familiar with. Episodes run around 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

Anything Goes - Emma Chamberlain (Lifestyle, Advice)

If you’re an avid user of TikTok, you’ve likely scrolled upon a video with an audio clip from Emma’s podcast. This is Emma’s (she/her) second round of podcast hosting after she cancelled her former show Stupid Genius. With this current podcast, she has definitely found her niche. 

She covers a wide array of topics like fashion, mental health, social media, along with the occasional “advice session” where listeners submit questions seeking advice on a topic of their choosing. Her casual and conversational approach to hosting makes this podcast incredibly easy to listen to, and the seemingly countless topics that she covers provides at least one area of interest for any listener.

Violating Community Guidelines - Sarah Schauer & Brittany Broski (comedy)

This has absolutely been my favorite podcast as of late. In this show, former Vine star Sarah Schauer (she/they) and TikTok icon Brittany Broski (she/her) pair up to explore the weirdest and darkest parts of the internet. Their quick wit and commentary on obscure parts of the internet, like fanfiction and creepypasta, make even some of the more uncomfortable topics wildly entertaining. 

Their weekly episodes have actually made me (somehow) look forward to Mondays. If you need a quick laugh, I could not recommend this show anymore than I already do. 

Our Body Politic - Farai Chideya (Politics, News)

This podcast is your one-stop-shop for news and politics. Host and award-winning journalist Farai Chideya (she/her) provides all of the latest news you need to know through the perspective of a black woman in America. She covers relevant historical topics, international news and politics, feminism and gender news, religion, Covid-19, and so much more. 

Her unique perspective not only provides a “foot in someone else’s shoes” experience but it also challenges listeners to examine themselves and what they stand for. Each episode leaves me feeling like I truly learned something.

Your Magic - Michelle Tea (Spirituality, Culture)

Spirituality was never so entertaining until Michelle Tea got ahold of it. Michelle (she/her) provides weekly episodes that cover different elements and types of spirituality, tarot readings, celebrity interviews, pop culture commentary, and more. She also hosts live “Ask the Tarot” sessions where Michelle will give advice and read listeners’ their tarot cards. 

Her lighthearted approach makes a topic as complex, and often confusing, as tarot and spirituality very entertaining and informational. Even if her beliefs aren’t your own, her incredible celebrity interviews are, also, always a great listen.

Celebrity Memoir Book Club - Claire Parker & Ashley Hamilton (comedy, drama)

If you love drama, then look no further. Co-hosts Claire Parker (she/her) and Ashley Hamilton (she/her) read different celebrity memoirs and provide a proper recap of them, alongside comedic commentary. They try to keep their selections relevant, in the context of a celebrity who is currently in the news, or of a memoir that was recently published. 

They’ve covered everyone from Will Smith to Elvira to Tina Fey. As a perfect pair, the two never fail to entertain while still keeping listeners up to date with past and present celebrity drama.

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to podcasts while working out, walking to class, or simply on its own, it may be time for something new. The aforementioned female-led podcasts are an exciting opportunity to see what the listening world has to offer and support amazing women within the industry.

Hi there! My name is Emily, and I'm a senior Media Production student and I'm a staff writer for Arts & Entertainment! Some of my interests include reading, listening to music, and photography!
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