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Emily in Paris is So Bad, But That’s What Makes it So Good

What can I say? I like TV shows that have unrealistic stereotypes that just perpetuate a false sense of reality. Oh, and Emiy in Paris delivers that all while being very well dressed!


If there ever was a time for this show to come out, it would be now. Due to COVID, the mere thought of a vacation to another country might as well be an old wives tale. Simply just seeing humans that are not in my Zoom lecture is electrifying, and that in a nutshell is what Emily in Paris is about. They were able to do what television was always meant to do, and that is to transport the viewer into a fantasy that can only be achieved through a very big check from Netflix. 


It was never meant to be for the viewer who wants thought provoking character development nor was it ever meant to praised by critics for being the new feminist manifesto, as it is so far from it. It knew what it was from the first episode, and that is nothing more than an empty calorie snack that masses can easily enjoy. The writers even make that clear through the characterization of Emily who is laughably basic, but so is pretty much everyone. 


It hits a deeper part of us that makes us wonder why we find this so entertaining. As a society, we have grown to realise that shows like this that have such a sugary coating really do not care what others think. 


To put it simply, it’s basic. It's the raspberry jolly rancher that you and your dentist know are bad for you and you also know raspberry laffy taffy tastes better, but you can’t help but be drawn to it. At the end of the day, we are all what Emily is called and that is basic. Despite it being unrealistic, we all still want the world to be this simple.

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