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“Do the Naomi Campbell Walk”: Suzy Ahunamba struts onto NYC’s fashion scene

Model and Temple student, Suzy Ahunamba stands a svelte 5’10” and with her flawless, ebony skin, full lips and striking facial features it’s not hard to believe that she was scouted by a New York City modeling agency, Click Models, while just minding her own business on the subway train. Since that day in August 2011, Ahunamba’s career has taken off.

“Thank you. I appreciate your article,” were the first words out of the humble beauty’s mouth.

Ahunamba, who is working on getting signed to an agency, has already walked in many notable fashion shows, done photo shoots for designers such as the D Piper Twins, one of her favorites, and just recently been chosen for an upcoming fashion show put on by Russell Simmons.

Those are only a fraction of the opportunities Ahunamba, who often coolly sports black leggings, a relaxed tank, and a leather jacket, has been afforded through her just-a-little-over-a-year-long modeling career.

Familiar with America’s Next Top model? On the show, Tyra Banks has the girls go on “go-see’s,” where designers and agencies look for the “it” girl. Intense, right? Ahunamba lives the life that seems like reality show fantasy every day. These castings, as she refers to them, are Ahunamba’s least favorite part of modeling, she said.

“You might not get a call back,” she explained.

While she’s no stranger to the cold shoulder of the fashion industry, Ahunamba recalls an instance when she did in fact receive a call back as one of the highest points of her modeling career.

“Even though they didn’t choose me, it made me feel good that they called me back,” Ahunamba said. The call back, she said, encouraged her to keep going and reassured her that modeling was something she not only loves to do, but something that she is also good at.

Despite her rapidly expanding modeling career, Ahunamba has managed to remain grounded and is studying criminal justice and Spanish in college. Her ultimate career goals are to become a lawyer, but not without a little modeling on the way. She would ideally like to model before law school and use the money to help pay off her undergraduate and graduate school expenses.

It would appear that Ahunamba is living the fast life, but as she sits in the SAC studying for an exam in her criminal justice class, her demeanor is anything but. She’s sweet, friendly and definitely down to earth. Her quietly edgy personal style which has been influenced by modeling (she says she has to keep her model swag 24/7) consists of shorts and tanks in the summer, leggings and biker boots and motorcycle jackets in the fall and her signature feminine take on the high-top fade haircut.

Whether she’s chillin’ in Philly or working up in NYC, Ahunamba said she constantly has to “keep it model-y.”

With her time split, day-to-day, between Philadelphia and NYC, Ahunamba is always busy with something, but still manages to remain involved in Temple’s Organization of African Students as well as the university’s branch of Society of Emerging African Leaders.

And don’t think she’s all work and no play. For fun she likes to party…and party, as she simply put it, giggling.

So what’s an average work day like for this glamour girl? Well, not so glamorous at all. As Ahunamba described the scene behind the curtains of the runway, it evokes an image that is a mix between a slumber party gone wrong, with naked, attitudinal women running here and there, and a civilized street fight, as her clothes are ripped off instantly as she exits the runway, and another outfit strewn on just right.

Chaotic as it seems, Ahunamba plans to continue modeling, with the ultimate modeling goal of becoming the face of some mainstream cosmetic such as CoverGirl.

Looking at her poise and good looks, it is clear to see that that goal is definitely in reach for the future modeling sensation.

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