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What is all the hype about D.I.Y. (do it yourself) at home recipes? Do it yourself tonics can be fun because you get to experiment with different funky ingredients right from your own kitchen. Another great bonus is that you’re in charge of what you are using on your face, body, and hair. True beauty starts with you!


Yummy Facial Scrub:

You will need:

  • Spoon
  • 2 Cups of Fine grain white sugar
  • 1 Cup of Essential Oil ( Virgin Olive Oil perhaps)
  • 2 Teaspoons of Honey

On a clean surface lay out all of the items listed above. Begin with pouring two cups of white sugar into the storage container. Next, add one cup of essential oil to the mixture. This oil can be virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or lavender oil depending on what you prefer. After adding two teaspoons of honey, begin to stir the mixture together. Do this facial once a week and leave it on for five minutes.

The sugar and honey in this scrub fight aging and the essential oil is great for acne prone skin. Store your exfoliator in a waterproof container with an air tight lid.

Delightful Body Scrub:

You will need:

  • Spoon
  • 4 cups of Brown Sugar
  • 2 Cups of Essential Oil ( Lavender Oil)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Shea Butter

Similar to the first recipe, you will start off on a clean surface and you will need a storage container. Add each element into the container according to measurement. Don’t forget to add the shea butter as the final step. It is crucial to pamper your body! Repeat twice a week in the shower for 10-20 minutes.

Our key ingredient, brown sugar, contains glycolic acid which wards off bacteria and sun burnt skin and the shea butter is a great moisturizer within itself! Storage is similar to the facial scrub, so keep it air tight and sealed!


Luscious Locks

You will need:

  • Mixing bowl
  • One Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 2 Teaspoons of Peppermint Oil
  • One Egg Mixing
  • Spoon or Mixer

Add all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Because this recipe includes eggs, make sure to mix well. Coconut oil is wonderful for ladies who sufer with damaged hair and dandruff. Peppermint oil promotes blood circulation and of hair growth. Lastly, the egg contains protein that improves the strength of hair strands. Leave this deep conditioner on for 20-30 minutes and discard after use.

Now that you have been formally introduced to the wonderful word of D.I.Y continue to add or tweak recipes to your liking. At home projects are fun, inexpensive, and great gifts. Share these beauty remedies to make the world naturally beautiful!


I am a student at Temple University and I aspire to be a Journalist. My passion in life is writing because I have the ability to express myself creatively through words. I enjoy writing poetry and I especially enjoy being a staff writer for the Fashion and Beauty section for Her Campus Temple! My missions in life are to be an inspiration to young girls, help others, and encourage young women and girls to feel beautiful!
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