Competition Within Journalism

You have to put yourself out there but you don’t realize how many people you’re competing against until you’re in class them.  

You major could specifically be magazine journalism while half of your classmates are broadcast journalism but that doesn’t mean there are no worries.

Millions of students around the world are all fighting for that dream job but only a handful will get it. Others will get lucky with a good job while the majority have to prove themselves again.

Sometimes it will take a few years and about a thousands rejections until your opportunity comes along.

Social media has become an excellent source for helping get discovered but with that acknowledgment comes many challenges.

You know you want to write good content but sometimes you may think it would be better to just submit a bunch of decent articles a week instead of one or two quality articles. You figure the more you write, the more persistent people will take you. It also means a greater odd of posting something before it becomes too mainstream.

You’ll also have trouble figuring out what category is best. Right now it seems that politics is the most relevant and newsworthy issue. Even if you despise politics, you know you can’t always avoid it.


However what if your speciality is crime? Or what if you are assigned to discuss the weather, which is your least favorite category? In the real world your boss would know what brings out your best writing skills but the idea of journalism is to broaden your mind.  

The most challenging issue would be competition within friends. Your close friends will support but at the same time they’re your secret enemies. They want the dream job just as much as you do and they’ll push themselves toward it.

In journalism, it can be very difficult to land a gateway of golden opportunities. You shouldn’t sacrifice your friendship but at the same time you shouldn’t lower your skills.

You want the best for your friends and they want the best for you but you both have to realize it can be tricky. There will be times where you’ll get jealous of each other or feel like one person is doing better than the other.

When this happens, social media can be the worst thing to come to but at the same it’s so vital.

Everyone handles these dilemmas differently but you’ll eventually figure out a guide to overcoming these obstacles. For example, if your speciality is covering the news, then you stick to the school newspaper and reach out to other news sites to boost your views.

If you feel like there’s tension between you and your friends then talk to them about it. Things will get resolved but just remember you both won’t stop trying to be the best.

At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you shine.