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Cliffhangers of the ‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Finale

The This Is Us season 2 finale left us with SO many tears and SO many chills, as well as SO many questions that we’ll be thinking about all summer. The good thing is the show is confirmed to return for a third season in the fall.

As the season 2 finale came to an end, Kevin and Randall gave their toasts at Kate and Toby’s wedding. Randall began his toast by saying, “It’s taken me 37 years to accept the fact that there’s absolutely zero point in trying to control the future, because nobody knows where we’ll be.” His opening statement was followed by series of scenes that fast-forwarded into the future and made the audience’s jaws drop to the floor.

Here’s what the last five minutes of the finale revealed about the Big Three:

1. Kevin and Zoe are on a flight to Vietnam

The show introduced Zoe, Beth’s younger cousin, in this same episode. She was also the photographer for Kate and Toby’s wedding. The fast-forward showed Zoe asleep on Kevin’s shoulder on a flight to Vietnam. Meanwhile, Kevin is holding and looking at a photo of Jack and his younger brother, Nicky, when they were in combat in Vietnam, decades before. He then wakes Zoe with a kiss on the forehead. What are we supposed to think of this? The pair clearly hit it off after they met at the wedding. Are they now married? It also appears as if Kevin is trying to find out more about his uncle’s past.

2. Toby is sick

In this fast-forward, Kate walks into a bedroom where Toby lays covered in bed, mid-day, with the curtains undrawn. Kate tells Toby that she just got off the phone with his doctor regarding a change in his medication. Knowing Toby’s history of having depression, it leads us to think that his mental illness has returned. The last time his depression kicked in was when he got divorced from his ex-wife, Josie. What could be the cause this time? Is there even a cause? Of course, depression is a mental illness that can set in at any time without cause.

3. Randall and Tess aren’t ready to go see “her”

While Randall is giving his toast, Deja goes missing. We see her outside with Jack’s old aluminum baseball bat, smashing Randall’s Mercedes’ windshield. We know that ever since Deja’s biological mother gave up her parental rights, Deja has felt a sense of resentment toward Beth and Randall. A flash-forward shows an older Randall, about 15-20 years in the future, visiting his daughter Tess at her place of work. Randall says, “It’s time to go see her, Tess.” And Tess replies, “I’m not ready.” Randall responds, “Me neither.” So, who is “her?” Has Deja gone rogue and hurt or killed Beth or their youngest daughter, Annie? Are they speaking of visiting Deja in jail after committing this horrific crime? Or is Deja alright, and is Beth sick? Are they speaking of visiting Beth in the hospital? Or at her grave site?

There’s a lot of questions that the season 2 finale of This Is Us left us with, and we’ll be sure to tune in to NBC this fall to find out all the answers.

Greta Phillips is a Journalism major at Temple University. She is a staff writer for the Temple chapter of Her Campus. Greta is from King of Prussia, PA.
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