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Campus Celebrity: Michelle Goldsborough

From the naked eye, Michelle Goldsborough, 20, appears to be ordinary Temple student but deep down inside Goldsborough is one of a kind. Goldsborough is extremely involved in on campus and off campus activities, in which she takes much pride and passion.

“My hobbies aren’t really a specific activity. While I enjoy writing, watching Netflix and hanging out with friends, I’ve come to enjoy things that help others and make them feel joy as well,” said Goldsborough.

Goldsborough’s hobbies include making others happy in addition to making herself happy. As she enjoys community service and discussing issues that can be debatable, Goldsborough also created a Facebook page called ‘No Filter.’ This Facebook page was built on a simple concept of raising awareness on airbrushing to show the way that men and women feel about their own bodies and others’ perspectives on the way one should look in society. Michelle’s role is to interview people and ask their opinions on Photoshop, health and personal body images. Additionally, Goldsborough takes photos of individuals doing something that identifies who they are or a photo of them doing what they love.

The page derived from Goldsborough’s desire to voice her opinion about specific controversial issues. One controversial issue includes the social norm of what is considered “manly” and “girly.” The page is not specifically catered to feminine belief, but focuses on the body images of men and women and the stereotypes that accompany them. “No Filter” is Goldsborough’s way to express the way she feels toward the situation and how others should feel comfortable in their own skin. Although Michelle does not know how long “No Filter” will last, she claims that she is happy to have it for as long as it lasts.

In addition to “No Filter,” Goldsborough is a dedicated member of Public Relations Student Society of America [PRSSA], Women’s Group and Hillel for Jewish Life on Temple’s campus. In these groups, Goldsborough actively participates and does what she can in order to discuss topics religiously, spiritually and culturally. In addition to her membership to many clubs on campus, Goldsborough has a passion for community service.

“Community service, it could be something as simple as putting crackers and granola bars in my pocket to give to people who are hungry on the street. Many of the homeless people are either very young and can’t get out of their situation or they are veterans. I actually met one once [a veteran] and I was so saddened by his situation,” said Goldsborough. “There are so many people with luxuries in the world and these people are sitting on the streets, cold and scared.”

Every time Goldsborough walks off campus, she never fails to offer food, drinks or money to those who might need it.

“I bring food off campus with me because it is so awful to pass by someone on the street holding a cardboard sign and asking for anything to help them stay alive. I think it’s awful that so many people ignore the homeless and sometimes all they need is someone to say hello to them,” said Goldsborough. “The best way to help our planet is to help each other. My advice to others is to not be afraid of someone sitting on the street. They aren’t going to scare you but feeling uncomfortable is normal because you aren’t in that situation a lot. Just say hello.”

To continue her community service, Goldsborough will be spending her spring break traveling to Atlanta, GA with her friends and fellow members of Hillel. While there, they will tutor children and organize donated books to give to families in Africa. This alternative spring break mission trip plans to complete service for the community and their group. Goldsborough loves to express her beliefs through her passions of community service and her involvement on campus.

“I will never stop doing community service. It’s my way of giving back to my community and my world. For the future I want to continue helping people. You don’t need a reason to help someone in need and there will always be someone who needs to smile. It’s important to show you care and to speak up when you believe something is wrong, otherwise the world will continue to do what it is doing.”

Breanna Perez is a sophomore at Temple University. Majoring at Journalism and being a member of Alpha Xi Delta, Breanna also enjoys hanging out with her friends, traveling and being active.   
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